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    What We Do

    At, we believe in building enduring relationships between our clients and our freelance community. Freelancing is something  more than just being "in-between" jobs.  It's often how the best professionals choose to work.

    Our mission is to connect independent professionals at the top of their craft with companies who need them most. We don't have "smart algorithms" or arbitrary coding tests to magically identify the "top x% of developers." Instead, every freelancer is thoroughly vetted, every freelance engagement is managed by humans (at no cost to you), and every piece of work is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.  

    We don't just introduce you to "good talent" — we ensure that your project succeeds — or, it's on us.

    Professional Freelancers

    No side-hustlers. Freelancers work exclusively on your project.

    More Skill Per Dollar

    Your dollar goes further. Hire skilled engineers on a fractional basis.

    De-risked Development

    We manage & replace talent at no additional cost. We own your risk. Guarantee

    We back every single hour with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    How We Work


    Join your private Slack team to begin planning around your desired skills & budget. 


    We recruit &  present freelancers for your review — at no cost.

    Rapid Iteration

    Freelancers execute your vision over a series of managed weekly sprints.


    Your team builds your product — while we own the risk.

    Our Results

    ThreatSwitch logo
    ThreatSwitch freelancers built Threatswitch from an idea to an application within 6 months. Threatswitch's CEO then took his market-ready MVP to win a bid for a Fortune 50's massive security business.

    Cisco Systems logo
    Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CISCO)

    When large-scale enterprises need to reliably scale their engineering output, they come to to strengthen their bench. Learn how we provided CISCO with critical engineering firepower in a pinch.

    AdvicePay logo

    After frustrating experiences with other freelance networks, AdvicePay founder Alan Moore trusted to build a peer-to-peer technology platform to increase his company's IP value and drive revenue targets.

    I want to meet freelance badasses

    Meet Freelancers

    I love's willigness to understand our business, rather than just our immediate coding efforts.

    Carson Christian

    Carson Christian

    Director of R&D, BD

    This has been an incredible experience. is the best thing to happen to Spreesy in a long time.

    Spencer Costanza

    Spencer Costanza

    CEO, Spreesy made a high-integrity move at the expense of substantial revenue. I'm incredibly grateful.

    Matt Bodnar

    Matt Bodnar

    Partner, Fresh Hospitality

    The team you've assembled for us is remarkable. The immediacy and availability is fantastic. 

    Jonas Plouffe

    Jonas Plouffe

    Technology Manager, BCREA
    Amazon, Tesla, Y Combinator, Zappos, & NBC Universal logos