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Hire the Best Talent in Software Development.

Candidates on the Gun.io platform have passed code, culture, and reference assessments, and are automatically matched to you based on your unique hiring needs.
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World-class technical talent, on tap.

Thousands of companies of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s — use Gun.io to find the right technical talent, right when they need it.

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Spend less time screening, more time executing.

Reference checks, peer endorsements, and code tests for each technology & language comprise our industry-leading, proprietary evaluation process that our platform handles automagically.

Stop paying for hidden training costs. 

Gun.io Professional Freelancers are senior developers, career freelancers, and commit to a remote engagement code of conduct that guarantees responsiveness and frequent communication.



Minimize your risk of working remotely.

Payments are held and released only once work has been verified, so you can engage developers with confidence, and developers can work without fear of being stiffed on the bill.

Get back to work, fast.

We’ll match you in 24 hours. Meet your top candidates,
make the final call, and start working with your choice as quickly as you want.

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We continuously build our vetted network.


Hundreds of contractors begin Gun.io vetting each week. Our technical assessments, endorsements from previous colleagues, and professionalism reviews determine admission to the community - and are all visible to you as a client. No black-box “vetting” here.





We match you with talent in the network.


With over 10,000 deployable contractors in the community, your first matches are sent within 24 hours. You’ll see how each match stacks up in the industry, why they want to work with you, and why we believe they are a good fit for your team specifically.





Meet your favorite candidates.


We’ll set up video interviews with the candidates you like best - or, skip straight to a small trial of hours to see if the fit is right.





Start driving results together.


Book your freelancer for the monthly hours that you need. Bring in additional resources or swap out talent as your roadmap requires. We’ll handle contracts, billing, and payments along the way.



Gun.io finds freelancers FAST, but what's striking about their resource pool is the talent and sophistication. Being able to see my development budget maximized by the flexible skill set I can call upon makes the investment in Gun.io services well worth it.

Ian G.

Director of Technology,

Gun.io Customer











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