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World-class technical talent, on tap.

Gun.io helps companies grow their software engineering teams seamlessly with our global network of elite hired guns.

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Use Gun.io To:


Work with a freelancer (short-term)

Work with a freelancer to hit a short-term milestone or discreet objective.

$: Developer’s hourly rate + 30%

Buy a single bundle of hours that best fits your project size. Engagements start at 20-hour bundles.


Work with a freelancer (long-term)

Work with a freelancer to augment your existing team or meet aggressive annual goals.

$: Developer’s monthly rate + 30%

Select a monthly subscription of hours that best fits your needs. Plans start at 40 hrs/mo.


Hire a salaried employee

Add a permanent member to your team from Gun.io’s vetted community.

$: 15% of first-year’s salary

Hire a developer for 15% of their negotiated first-year salary at your company. Volume discounts available upon request.

Our Network of Talent

Our Network of Talent:

Whether you're looking for your first technical hire or your hundredth, our network of 10,000+ developers has you covered.

Key Benefits


Reach our 10,000+ network of engaged, verified talent.

Thousands of exceptional software professionals, vetted by our team, are looking for their next role on Gun.io.

Cut hiring overhead by hundreds of hours per role.

We match you with only the best-fit candidates for your role through our proprietary, multidimensional evaluation process.

Retain technical talent 2x longer than the Silicon Valley average.

Gun.io’s matching technology identifies candidates who align with your organization’s culture. Candidates hired through Gun.io are retained by companies for an average of ~22 months, compared to the ~14-month industry standard.

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Hire a developer

Submit an opportunity for us to review. Once accepted, you'll be matched with verified, best-fit talent quickly. 

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Work as a developer

Gun.io conducts company stage, team culture, and reference assessments on your behalf, so you can work hard and get paid, reliably.