A Complete Guide: Capital Efficient Engineering Teams

A three-part guide to building capital efficient engineering teams, managing teams for maximized output and mitigating employee turnover to conserve capital. 

Capital Efficient (1)-1

A three-part content series

Capital-efficient Engineering Teams

This series provides technical leaders with a guide to building an efficient engineering team that keeps conserving capital top of mind.

Read on for a chapter-by-chapter preview of what's included in the guide. 

Building Capital Efficient Engineering Teams

Chapter One - How To Conserve Capital When Building Engineering Teams

Sinkholes are scary. This is a roadmap for how to avoid them.

Whether you’re launching a new SaaS startup, scaling your current engineering team, or spinning out a product from your existing company, building out an efficient software development team is a massive investment. 

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Managing Capital Efficient Engineering Teams

Chapter Two - How To Manage Engineering Teams for Maximized Efficiency

No to one-and-done to do's. Yes to consistent results.

When it comes to managing your team’s efficiency, it’s important to play the long game by utilizing techniques that will stick, rather than checking off a list of quick, one-and-done to-dos.  Instead, use the magic cocktail of scaling intelligently, organizing to optimize output, and investing where it matters. Here's how.

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Mitigating Employee Turnover to Conserve Capital

Chapter Three - How To Proactively Manage Employee Turnover

Stay calm and be proactive.

Through our work with hundreds of engineering managers, we’ve found that the root causes of poor employee retention include mis-hiring, lack of effective feedback, and burnout. The good news? These are all factors that can be proactively managed to significantly lower the risk of turnover before it becomes a problem. Here’s how. 

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