About Gun.io


Our mission is to help build humanity's future.

Globalization and the permeability of global borders have created an opportunity for businesses and talent anywhere in the world to find and work together seamlessly. And yet, our global workforce is plagued with the same problems skilled artisans and merchants faced millennia ago.

Irrelevant offers for work, unqualified candidates, unscrupulous companies who don’t treat their team or customers fairly, and self-proclaimed gurus who vastly overestimate their skills constrain our ability to work together.

Building trust through the creation of a global standard for quality in skilled labor helps more businesses get started, expedites growth for existing companies, and helps us collectively build revolutionary technologies that enable the forward march of civilization.


How Gun.io Works

Gun.io finds freelancers FAST, but what's striking about their resource pool is the talent and sophistication. Being able to see my development budget maximized by the flexible skill set I can call upon makes the investment in Gun.io services well worth it.

Ian G.

Director of Technology,

Gun.io Customer