Agile Hiring

Hiring developers is full of overhead, waste, and risk. We're building a better way.

Build, test, iterate - agile development in a nutshell.

It's the way most of us build software these days, and for good reason. It allows us to try an idea quickly to see if it's worth more investment and reduces front-loaded planning overhead, creating a bias toward action.

But (ironically?) we don’t build our software teams that way. Why is that?


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

The way hiring typically happens...

Due to turnover, growth, or a crippling backlog, it’s time to hire. You press pause on your work to craft a job description and get it live - and then spend up to two months filtering and vetting candidates.

Maybe you find the perfect fit right away. The more likely scenario? You settle for “available, interested, and good enough” after weeks of the usual hiring reps, because you know that the right engineer at exactly the right time is a needle in the metaphorical haystack.

And then, a few months down the road, you find yourself back to square one. Forbes estimates that full-time, on-site engineers have an average tenure of less than a year. And so the wheel turns.

The good news: this cycle is not inevitable.

Or we could just fix it...

What if you had access to a bench of Hired Guns - exceptionally skilled in their craft and professionally vetted as such - available right when you need them? What impact might an agile hiring practice have on your ability to ship quickly and consistently?

Agile hiring allows you to engage the best fit talent for your needs without the usual constraints of timing, geography, and a limited talent pool. It saves you the massive investment of time and money (about $50k per open role) that it takes to bring the right candidates to the table. It removes luck from the hiring equation.

Even better, as its name suggests, agile hiring allows you to pivot your team composition quickly. Parachute in different expertise as you need it, and avoid paying to retain full-time engineers who aren’t being engaged to their full capacity.

At, helping engineering leaders and their teams shift to an agile hiring methodology is our north star.

Freelance work enables a true agile hiring cycle

Professional freelance, yes. Side-hustle freelance, hard no.

We’ve worked with thousands of engineers over the years, and have found that a high percentage of exceptionally talented engineers ultimately choose to work as independent contractors. The future of work is remote, but it’s not the inevitability of that fact that shapes our service. We operate with a deep belief that remote, flexible work facilitates agile hiring, better matches, and a more level playing field for all technologists.


We set out to reframe the conversation around freelancing to help leaders tap into the immense value agile hiring provides. That’s actually how we got our name: we represent the hired guns of the technology community. Not moonlighters hacking away on small, marginal projects, or isolated nomads working independently, but real, committed, wildly qualified members of your team.


Contrary to the flighty, “emergency button” freelancer that may come to mind, engineers are motivated by adding value to your core business. They are fully engaged and provide a higher rate of return for your team. Plus, because they’re expert freelancers, onboarding time is minimal.


If you’re not already supporting remote contributors to your team, we get it - seems like a heavy lift.

Why isn't everyone doing it?

But for the first time in the history of work, we have the tools and software to not only support remote work, but make it even more effective than on-site. Still, investing the time and money to implement them - and to learn from the inevitable mistakes - is a huge step.

As a primer, we wrote an ultimate guide to building a remote technical team to help start the conversation. was built to mitigate those growing pains. Remote, flexible work is here to stay, but your team shouldn’t have to be turned on its head to embrace it. Engaging your first few remote employees via is a low-risk way to dip your toes into agile hiring.


Implementing agile hiring

The difference

From the moment they first engage us, clients benefit from our evergreen talent recruiting efforts on their behalf. We put each candidate through our proprietary 360 degree vetting process, and only select those who meet our exceptionally high standards for both technical and soft skills. We front-load that work so our clients can focus exclusively on selecting the best-fit talent for the role.


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