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Image Cropping For Your Web App in 20 Minutes


Cropping from inside the browser is great: it's intuitive and simpler than loading a dedicated image editor. You can crop profile photos, graphics for user profile backgrounds or headers, and any sort of gallery images.


Heroku Application Error


How do I know if my Heroku app is slow?


So you’ve written a nice new Heroku app and have tested it thoroughly - it seems really fast – yay!!! And what do I mean by thoroughly… so you tried out all the functionality, everything works as you’ve expected, and the response time seems A-ok!


ML Apps


Machine Learning Apps Insights from Jim Nasr


Jim Nasr is the Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Synchrogenix, where he spearheads strategy and implementation of emerging technologies such as large scale blockchain and machine learning in healthcare and the life sciences.


Blockchain App


5 Questions Answered about Blockchain Apps


Joel Neidig, the CEO and Founder of SIMBA Chain, a blockchain-as-a-service platform where they provide a developing platform to help freelancers create blockchain applications. Joel discussed all things blockchain and how to democratize it. Check out the recap:


Microservices Vs. Monolithics


Microservices vs Monolithic Architecture


Microservices are quickly becoming a preferred pattern for modern software applications. And while the pattern certainly has clear benefits for some use-cases, it’s not always the best choice.


Continuous Deployment


Continuous Deployment of Immutable Build Servers


Quick iteration is key to develop a new product and finding the product-market fit. When Codeship was started it was clear that they needed to automate as much as they could. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to succeed with a small team. Immutable Infrastructure was important for the deployment of our test server infrastructure from the beginning. To be able to terminate and recreate our servers anytime makes our development a lot faster. It also leads to a more stable system for our customers.


Service Discovery


5 Reasons You Should Care about Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture


Travis Scheponik is a Master Software Engineer, currently with Capital One. His areas of expertise include legacy system conversion, cybersecurity, and application performance, as well as recent projects in service discovery, a topic we delve into in detail in this episode.


Mashape API


Mashape API Tutorial


Mashape is an API Marketplace that allows app developers and API providers to buy and sell usage of APIs. The Mashape community of developers and API providers enjoy the same features and benefits as any type of marketplace would offer - explore, discover, and identify the right API for you, communicate with fellow API buyers and sellers, pick among several price-tiers for an API, a try-before-you-buy option, and a test (console) to check the behavior of the API before you start coding.



When To Use Scaffolding


When Should You Use Scaffolding?


One year ago I never used Scaffolding, opting instead to build everything manually to fit the needs of my application. Having a greater understanding of Rails, I've learned to work with its assumptions rather than against them, and I've found that the Scaffolding is perfect for getting an application up quickly. In cases of standard applications, the scaffolding is perfect for getting an MVP up and running in little time at all, allowing you to focus on the core features of your application. Always remember, though, that the Scaffolding is just the means to another end.




I'd Like My Mainframe With CI/CD, Please


We get it. When you hear the word “mainframe”, you’re imagining some kind of crusty fossil. So retro it’s not even cool. Or at the very least, “legacy”. Yet with billions of lines of COBOL driving the processing power of the US economy, you’ll find that mainframes are here to stay. In fact, as COBOL programmers start to retire out of the job market, there’s going to be a desperate need for people to fill their shoes.



Rapportive Add On


How to Add Rapportive to Your App in 30 Minutes


Rapportive is great--especially for someone like me who forgets names constantly. The little sidebar that sits in your gmail window gives you a lot of useful information about the person who wrote you an email. It shows you a photo, job title, company, social network usernames, and much more. It’s a great tool, but wouldn’t it be even better to have that functionality everywhere…like in your app?


Deploy Django App


Deploying a Django App on Dokku


Here's how to deploy a Django app on Dokku, a "Docker powered mini-Heroku" helps deploy your own server to serve as your own private PaaS. While Heroku can cost A Lot of money, it's hosted in the cloud and you may not want your application to leave the room just yet; you don't have 100% control over all aspects of the platform and/or maybe you're just the DIY kind of person. Regardless, Jeff Lindsay hacked Dokku together in less than 100 lines of bash code!


How to Build an App


Strategic Acquisitions to Enhance your Company’s Value


There are now 4-5 available jobs for every developer. If you’re a first-time founder it can be difficult to attract an elite developer to work on your project. Smart entrepreneurs are throwing out the “all or nothing” mentality and finding creative ways to build their products. That’s why we sat down with Tyler Newkirk, founder of APlaceCalledHome, to learn how he took his idea to a full app product as a non-technical person with limited resources.



React Native Apps


React Native Doesn't Save You Time and Money


Over the years, our Slack community has been home to some fantastic discussions about the evolution of our industry, of technology, best practices, methodology and more. We recently dropped an intentionally provocative phrase into the channel to spark the latest round of smarts, snark and wisdom (not to mention a strong meme game).

The result was a lively discussion with lots of interesting twists and turns, but we thought one particular topic deserved a deeper dive. Our seed phrase was “You’re a failed CTO if ______” and one of our professional freelance mobile devs chimed in with this one: “You’re a failed CTO if you think React Native is going to save you time and money in the long run.”