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Serious clients, serious engagements.

Your profile gets your foot in the door with clients looking to meet (yes, face-to-face!) real technology partners—not an anonymous avatar churning out bug fixes.


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Get insight into the new economy.

See how your skills stack up against other developers in our technical assessments, understand which skills are in demand, and what rates you should be charging as a talented professional. 

Work on engaging remote projects, not "Facebook for dogs."

Win remote engagements with companies who are at the frontier of technology. Our platform vets engagements, so you won't be working on the next "disruptive" app for $100 (even though we do love dogs). 

Grow your value and grow your income, without giving up your autonomy.

Apprentice on projects that require skills that aren't your strength. Grow your capability to add value, and to build wealth through your independent practice.

Join a community of talented, like-minded peers.

Learn from others, help others grow their skills and win engagements, and shape the future of independent software development.


Join has felt the most professional out of all other platforms, with a standout sense of community and culture.

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Quality clients

Technology leaders come to for a curated community of verified and dependable talent, a fast and easy spin-up process, and customizable engagements. 


In the same way we vet our talent before accepting them into our community, we vet every client before their project is ever presented to you.

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You receive the rate you set for yourself. Period. client fees are added on top of your rate. You’ll never be asked to sacrifice your rate for our margins.

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Membership to is earned by passing a proprietary technical assessment, verifying your work history with past colleagues or clients, and submitting a short video introduction. 


Once a client opportunity is vetted, all Members with a matching profile are notified and invited to apply. 


Applying is easy, because your profile has already rounded up your experience, expertise, and accolades into one sleek package. 


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Find your WorkStyle built world's first professional WorkStyle assessment, just for software developers.

The WorkStyle assessment helps developers articulate the different ways they approach their work—from core motivations, to energy drains, to down time needs—to help them choose work they'll excel at and love.

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