Leading innovators in Blockchain tell us about new technology disruptors, what's to come and how various industries are changing the way we use technology.


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Blockchain API


Democratizing Blockchain Technologies


Joel Neidig, CEO, and Co-founder of SIMBA Chain, a robust developer framework and blockchain API. Originally developed through a DARPA grant, SIMBA Chain enables anyone to quickly create blockchain distributed applications for iOS, Android, and the web.


Distributed Ledger Technology


Distributed Ledger Technology for Business Leaders


Mike Talbot is the CTO of Veracity Consulting where he leads their data and emerging technologies practices. He writes and advises on distributed ledger technology for government and business clients and he's the author of "A Brief Description of Blockchain," which aims to break this hot topic into layman's terms for business decision makers.


Bitcoin Exchanges


First Principles Thinking for Bitcoin Exchanges


Zach Dexter is the CTO of LedgerX, the first US-regulated exchange for physically-settled bitcoin derivatives, where he led the buildout of LedgerX's integrated trading and clearing platform from the ground up. Zach also serves on the CFTC Technology Advisory Committee cybersecurity subcommittee. Zach discusses throwing away everything you know about a market in order to disrupt it.


Future of Blockchain


What's Next in Blockchain


John Fitch, a venture partner of Animal Ventures where he leads all venture developments. AV partners with some of the world's most successful companies to understand how their supply chains are evolving and form small startups to build Blockchain. John discusses the future of Blockchain and how Blockchain is driving innovation in categories well beyond cryptocurrency.