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What’s your Software Development WorkStyle?

By Taylor Veino
You’ve most likely taken some form of a personal assessment. Myers-Briggs, enneagram, Rorschach, or even BuzzFeed’s classic “Which Office character are you?” test. Whether you’re a 7 with a 4 wing or Dwight Schrut, the end goal is to gain better ...
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Remote Full Stack Salaries Trends During Covid-19

By Artur Meyster
Most of the working world has been slow to embrace the growing remote-work trend, with many companies frantically searching for remote strategies at the last minute as the coronavirus shut offices across the world. However, inside the tech industry, ...
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Why Use Route Optimization Software?

By Guest: OptimoRoute
With route optimization software you’ll spend much less time planning – and the routes produced will be far superior to manually created routes.
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The Challenges of Managing a Remote Team & How to Overcome Them

By Guest: Owen Baker
The trend to remote work has been gaining momentum for much of the last decade. However, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 crisis that work-from-home arrangements became the norm rather than the exception. The pandemic forced mass remote working, and ...
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Top 5 Technical Recruiting Fails

By Taylor Veino
Everyone knows the first step to acquiring quality talent, regardless of your recruiting process, starts with a quality job post. There is an art to creating a compelling job post that captures the attention of top technical talent while including a ...
Read More is Democratizing Freelance Engagements

By Faith Benson is the first modern-day guild for independent software professionals. We’ve represented some of the highest-earning software freelancers in the US, and today, we are opening our app to the public. Claim your profile, get verified, and match ...
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January 2020 Community Update

By Faith Benson
Over the last several months, we’ve compiled a ton of feedback from the community about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to working through the platform. We learned a ton. The common thread throughout all of this feedback was: we ...
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Effective Communication While Freelancing

By Guild Member: Shauna Gordon
  Does this sound familiar? You've started a new project with a new client. You've got your backlog to work on and you get to work. You get into the groove for a week or three and rock out a bunch of those tickets or get that awesome feature nearly ...
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Converting Screenshots into Data using OCR & AWS Rekognition

By Guest: K. David Roell
  Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction to Django Templates 2. Balancing Time and Cost 3. Converting Images to Structured Data  4. Converting Images to Byte Arrays For S3 5. Horizontal Slicing Method 6. Vertical and Horizontal Slicing Combined
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Setting Smart Deadlines

By Guest: C S Carrington
  If you have been in the professional job market for a while, you have probably heard of the SMART acronym when it comes to goals, or the idea that truly smart deadlines are set by someone else. However, as a professional freelancer, these ideas ...
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Django Templates: Best Practices

By Zac Clancy
  Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction to Django Templates 2. Simple Start with Django Templates 3. Project Structure 4. How Inheritance Works for Django Templates 5. Handling Querysets 6. URL Namescaping 7. Takeaways
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Managing Client Expectations

By Sumeru Chatterjee
Working as a consultant, one of the most crucial parts of the job is how you manage your communication with your clients and, ultimately, deliver satisfaction (or even sheer joy) with your performance. Perception of your performance from client side ...
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