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10 essential remote workspace gadgets

Taylor Veino

Jul 11, 2019 12:30:00 PM

If you’re a freelancer, you probably get this all the time from your friends and family. “I’m so jealous; you get to lay in bed and work all day, isn’t that the greatest?” 


What they don’t realize is that we don’t lay in bed all day, we end up sitting at a desk working our butts off for hours on end. 

Working remotely can be the best thing in the world, but it’s still work.  Just with any office gig, sometimes the only thing that can get you through the day is having a comfortable and enjoyable office to spend your time in. 

Get Amazon ready because we have ten incredible gadgets and tools all freelancers need.


1. Desk Organizer

There’s a lot of desk organizers out there so don’t be fooled by this. We’re not talking your cute little pen holder from WalMart.  No, we’re talking a fully-loaded desk organizer. Picture it, a place for your coffee to go (and prevent spillage), a built-in phone charger, extra USB ports, sections to hold photos or documents, SD card slots, and really anything else that makes life just that much easier.  


2. USB Coffee Warmer

Coffee is a necessary part of every freelancer’s day, but what do you do when it gets cold? Dump it out? Microwave it? You deserve better. If you get yourself a USB coffee warmer, you’ll be able to keep your coffee warm till the last drop with only a USB cord. These are cheap too. 


3. Standing Desk

“But you get to sit all day - my feet are killing me by the end of mine!” Umm, FALSE! Sitting for long stretches of time can be the worst, which is why HQ has embraced the standing desk. Not only is it better on your back, but it’s even known to increase your lifespan. Anyone else for living longer?


4. Wireless Phone Charger

If you are anything like me, the last thing you need is another cord on your desk. A wireless phone charger allows you to quickly and easily charge your phone so you can focus on all the important tasks you’re getting paid to do. So quit worrying about charging your phone and get back to work! 


5. Sound Spa

White noise - the seeming answer to all life’s distractions.  If you find that you’re distracted by typical daily noises like dogs barking, traffic sounds, and your neighbors fighting you could use a sound spa. These are usually used to create soothing, atmospheric noise for sleeping, but you could also use it to help you ignore sounds that cause you to get distracted. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep while working.


6. Extra Monitors

There is nothing worse than trying to work on a small monitor. You can’t fit everything onto your screen, and you have to keep hopping back and forth between tabs while you’re trying to work. There are all kinds of new tech out there to help prevent these issues. If you are using a desktop for your freelance work, you could opt to add a screen or two to each side of your monitor. Doing this allows you to manage work more effectively and get more done.


7. Height Adjustable Stand

If you’re not interested in the standing desk idea, maybe picking up your screen up a little is the answer.  It will at least make sure you don’t end up a hunchback in 15 years. There are many height adjustable stands on the market that allow you to lift your screen to a comfortable level, so you aren’t looking down and screwing up your posture all day.  You only have one spine - make sure you take care of it!


8. Posture Coach

This posture coach is a little device that you put on your neck, and it shocks you every time you start to slouch. 


Just kidding!

Lumo Lift is a great example of a product that helps improve your posture while working at your desk all day. Anytime you start slouching or moving into a bad posture position; the device will start vibrating to alert you. You can clip it underneath your shirt to help improve your posture and spend less time at the chiropractor. 


9. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Simplest (and perhaps best) investments you can make towards your productivity is noise canceling headphones. Think about all of the distractions you encounter on a daily basis. Freelance work means you may be working in an environment with kids, neighbors, spouses, mothers-in-law, the list goes on and on. Let’s be honest - it all adds up to one thing, NOISE.  Imagine blocking every bit of it out be just throwing on a pair of headphones… magic right?


10. Mood Desk Lamp

If you’re like a lot of freelance engineers you spend a ton of time under fluorescent lighting, which doesn’t paint you in the best light (see what I did there?).  Research says this lighting is not good for your health or your mood, so do something about it!  Grab a desk lamp and not only improve your mood, but jazz up that work space! 


When you’re a remote worker, your desk is a major part of your life. You deserve to splurge a little now and then. All ten of the items on this list will help improve your life and make your workday a little easier. 

Written By:

Taylor Veino

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