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5 questions answered about blockchain apps

Taylor Veino

Jan 9, 2019 11:30:00 AM

If you haven't tuned in yet, The Frontier talked with Joel Neidig, the CEO and Founder of SIMBA Chain, and talked all things blockchain and how to democratize it. Here’s a recap:

1. What Is SIMBA Chain?

SIMBA chain is a blockchain-as-a-service platform where they provide a developing platform to help freelancers create blockchain applications. Their goal is to eliminate the exclusivity of blockchain and democratize it’s accessibility to both users and developers through familiar and user-friendly interfaces like iOS, Android, and the web. With that, they provide templates that access APIs to communicate with smart contracts and blockchains.

2. Why is Blockchain Effective in the E-commerce Industry?

It’s Secure, efficient and accurate. Joel explains it like this: the ownership of the data is in multiple silos, the blockchain leads the date to the right person at the right time, then knowing who accessed the data and if the data is correct all on its own. When there is a discrepancy in payment, for example, blockchain provides a digital ledger that both the supplier and customer can locate. When there is an issue of whether or not an order was sent and the supplier is waiting for payment; the blockchain can confirm the buyer did receive the order because they are looking at the same digital ledger and it was signed by the customer’s wallet.

3. How is Blockchain becoming a disruptor in VAN’s?

In the relationship between the customer and supplier, blockchain is completely getting rid of the third party VAN’s to handle the transactions. The most important relationship is the one between the customer and supplier, so using blockchain to get rid of the middleman should optimize returned business and efficiency of sales.

4. If you’re a JavaScript, Python or Node developer, but interested in Blockchain, where do you start?

SIMBA Chain has an open invite right now to anyone interested in jumping on board with blockchain. You can email and request access to the platform. Once your email is received you will get access to the platform as well as other resource videos.

5. What is The User Experience Like For SIMBA Chain?

There is zero coding involved, after going to the platform and logging in it creates a smart contract just by defining their assets and transactions in a drop-down box; and then, it auto-generates the solidity code for them. The solidity code is then auto-deployed into the Ethereum network.

Written By:

Taylor Veino

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