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5 use cases for Amazon Workspaces that are worth checking out

Taylor Veino

Jul 9, 2019 3:45:00 PM

Is jumping on the Amazon Workspaces bandwagon worth it?

Cloud computing services are bigger and better than ever before.  Of course, this means Amazon is making sure its own computing service is at the top of the game (haven’t we been here before?).

Due to insane growth over the last few years (really, since 2006), Amazon Workspace has established itself as a definite market leader in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and time management for several years.

But is it really worth jumping on the bandwagon?  What sets Amazon Workspaces apart? 

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a look at just what exactly Amazon Workspaces is.


What is Amazon Workspaces?

Think your desktop. Whenever you want.  Wherever you want. Amazon Workspaces (AWS) is a desktop computing service operating out of the AWS cloud that is compatible with Windows, Apple, and Chrome devices and browsers. You can access their cloud-enabled desktops (meaning all resources, programs, documents, and applications) on your device of choice.

We have five worthwhile use cases for Amazon Workspaces to help you decide if conversion is the right move.


1. Multi-Device Support

System mobility is key. Period. You want, and, dare we say need, to have the freedom to access your workspace any time, anywhere (well, anywhere with an internet connection). Amazon WorkSpaces answers this call.

With AWS, you can access your desktop without issue from any supported device, including Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, Android tablets and through Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Essentially, AWS allows you to maintain brand loyalty.

For companies like, with remote employees or freelancers who are collaborating on projects abroad, being able to work in different locations can make or break the success of a project.


2. Ease of Use

Configuration is direct and simple. It is easy to deploy and integrate. From start to finish, any existing user can install Amazon Workspaces and be completely functional in less than an hour. That’s some incredible innovation and efficiency.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, no piece of tech is perfect...yet. If you are still stuck with legacy servers, applications, or data, you will need to completely configure and migrate that data to use Amazon Workspaces. While this can be a pain, it is less of an issue on Amazon’s end and more of an issue of businesses not keeping up with new methods and systems.


3. Hardware and Software Requirement Bundling

Amazon Workspaces provides bundled packages, including different amounts of memory, computing ability, and storage space that align with your requirements. 

More or less, the service is tailored to you.  No more paying for unwanted services or products, just monthly service packaging and (nearly) unlimited service capabilities.

Oh, and you can forget having to purchase additional software licenses.  AWS has a pre-installed operating system, complete with universally useful programs (hello Microsoft Office). Freedom to use existing Windows desktop licenses or permissions of preference makes AWS a game changer for small businesses on a budget.


4. Security

Security is a big question. It might be THE question. Luckily, Amazon Workspaces has you covered.  With direct access to cloud storage capabilities, users’ data is compressed, encoded, and encrypted for safety. Since Amazon Workspace is so multi-device-focused (will this end the ongoing battle between Apple and Android users?), this is a built in form of security and reliability.

Where it was once possibly consequential for you to attempt to transmit data between locations, now is easy and secure with the use of the AWS data centers. Volumes that are stored within the Amazon Workspace cloud is also integrated with Amazon Management Services.


5. Ease of Deployment and Application Management

When it comes to the initial setup of executing applications and data migration, you may need to carve out some significant configuration time. Still, once AWS is properly installed and established, it is beyond easy and direct to use.

Important and much-needed computing resources can now be made available when implementing this new application development. Think potentially unlimited scalable opportunities. 

No longer will development teams be shackled by an individual system! Did we mention saving a whole lot of time and effort for your IT department? Trust me, that alone may be worth it!

AWS goes above and beyond desktop applications. Period. You can use it to manage any of your AWS services, create a backup of an Amazon EBS volume, or even deploy a new environment. A standalone workspace and centralization of necessary deployment procedures sounds pretty good, right?

Written By:

Taylor Veino

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