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Rich Jones

Feb 2, 2017 10:45:00 AM

The theme music for this post is: Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue [Live].

Greetings, friends!

We're pleased to announce some big new features have come to These changes are in response to your most requested features and our evolving vision of what independent software development should look like, in order to give you the best possible experience which we can provide.

As you probably already know, it's our goal here at to provide people trying to hire freelancers with a higher quality talent pool than the ones provided by other outsourcing sites, and to give open source software developers more opportunities to get paid for their talents. To do this, we have offered competitive freelance gigs, where the entire specification of a project is posted and workers have competed to be the first to complete the project and earn the reward.


This is a badass picture.


Comprehensive Candidates

However, this isn't appropriate for every project. Some projects, particularly early-stage projects, require more back and forth between the project manager and the freelance developer than a competitive gig can provide.

So, in response to much feedback we received from people who have used our service, we have added the ability for those looking to work with a freelancer to post an opportunity and accept proposals from community members. It's then up to the poster to choose the best candidate to work with on their project.

International Payments

This also provides an opportunity for our European members to participate in projects, as payments for these gigs can be made through any means the poster and freelancer decide upon, rather than through our system, which uses Amazon Flexible Payments, which are unfortunately only available to US developers.

Open Source

We still offer competitive gigs, of course, and we will continue to provide free posting opportunities for open source projects. If the new, non-competitive freelance project posting is successful, we may also add this feature to open source projects, and again, this will be free of charge.


Our most requested feature from developers has been the ability to receive instant notifications about new gig postings, so we've added that, too! The way it works is pretty simple. You can now tag yourself with the terms which apply to your talents, and you will receive email notifications when new gigs are posted which have those tags!

Big Things Ahead

The community is constantly growing, with more and more members enrolling every day and more job opportunities being posted all the time. We are working diligently to grow our community and to provide the best experience possible to the people who post here and those looking for work opportunities. Hopefully, with these new features, this trend will continue and over time, we'll finally start to change the culture of independent software development.

Written By:

Rich Jones

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