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Faith Benson

Feb 4, 2020 10:30:00 AM is the first modern-day guild for independent software professionals.

We’ve represented some of the highest-earning software freelancers in the US, and today, we are opening our app to the public. Claim your profile, get verified, and match with opportunities, all on your own terms.

Join - get discovered. Great software companies search for senior, independent professionals on These are companies who want to engage experienced and committed developers, designers, and product managers on a fractional basis - they’re not looking for flighty, too-cheap-to-be-true freelancers. was created to help freelancers land engagements with these companies - and sustain them. The engineers who built knew there was a better way to freelance that didn’t mandate:

  • Competing on dirt-cheap rates
  • Paying a platform a percentage of your rate to find new gigs
  • Accepting dozens of short-term projects to cover the bills
  • Spending hours per week on non-billable administrative work
  • A constant cycle of outbound lead generation
  • Convincing every client that you won’t run away with their code base
  • Chasing invoices every week

    Spoiler: there wasn’t. So they built it: the first freelancing platform built by engineers, for engineers.

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Instead of competing on rate, your profile allows you to compete on your results. 

Our job is to help you command the rate you want, and we do that by automatically showcasing your results to potential clients, and making it easy for these clients to discover you.

For years, we’ve done this by hand: we worked with a small community of top developers and designers, put them through seven layers of vetting, and hand-matched them with clients. It worked well - but only for an exclusive few.

We’ve taken these learnings on how to best represent you to clients and match you with the right ones, and built them into the new app.

Now, you can build your own client-facing profile and progress through the verification steps at a pace that feels right for you.

Your profile allows clients to discover you - on your terms. You’ll be notified when great companies are looking for professionals like you. Not open to new gigs right now? No problem. Turn your notifications back on when you’re ready to fill your pipeline again. 


You focus on providing value to your clients, and we handle the rest.

Invoicing, contracts, finding new leads, negotiating on rates - it’s all baked in. We stick around on every engagement to provide support as the work unfolds, so you can focus on becoming the best at your craft. 

It’s freelancing, for Professional Freelancers.

Written By:

Faith Benson

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