Get Paid to Work on FreeNet!

by Rich Jones

This is awesome!

Get Paid to Work on Open Source FreeNet

The FreeNet Project, the pioneering anti-censorship and anonymity system developed by the legendary Ian Clarke has put up a bunch of open source job opportunities on!

Get Paid To Hack Against Censorship

The gigs are listed below:

  • Fix Freenet Network Usage Stats - The stats page on Freenet often has nonsensical values for the breakdown of how much bandwidth has been used for each different type of traffic. For example, negative bytes spent on overhead. The bytes used stats code needs a thorough audit and cleanup.
  • Proper FreeNet URIs - Currently, Freenet content is addressed by a mix of different techniques, depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes an http: URL is used, sometimes just the bare key. None of these options manages to be both consistently functional and standards compliant. Instead, Freenet should use compliant URIs of the form freenet:key. In order to function properly, this needs a certain amount of browser support, probably via a plugin.
  • FreeNet Node Diagnostics Page - When offering user support for Freenet, it would be helpful to have a plaintext node stats / diagnostic page available that the user could copy/paste into an email, pastebin, or similar.

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We've matched some of their offerings, so there's over a hundred dollars up for grabs now. If you think you've got what it takes to earn some money and do some good in the world, then Sign Up now and start hacking!

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