Hacker Yoga - Part 0: Arms

By Ben Gleitzman

Here at Gun.io, we've noticed that way too many of the professional hackers in our community spend too much time at the keyboard, to the point where it's having a negative effect on their health in the form of bad backs and sore wrists. It's no good to go through life feeling cramped and sore, so we're staring a new series on "Hacker Health" to make sure that everybody who's working hard is still feeling good. First up: Hacker Yoga - quick little routines that you can do to make keyboard time a bit less achy.

So take two minutes, step away from the keyboard, and follow along as Hacker Yoga Superstar Benjamin Gleitzman shows you how to melt your shoulder troubles away. It's all gravy, baby!

Next part coming soon!

Posted by Ben Gleitzman

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