LightWrite - A Free, Online WriteRoom Clone

By Rich Jones

The theme music for this post is Aesop Rock - Daylight.

TL;DR: - Try LightWrite here!

I've been doing more blogging lately and as a result, I've become a fan of the concept of "distraction-free writing" - writing in a blank space without any distractions, just you and the text. The concept was most popularly evangelized by the WriteRoom program by HogBay Software. The problem with WriteRoom is that it costs a lot of money, it's proprietary, and it only works on OSX.


So, I've written a free and open source program called LightWrite which shamelessly rips off the idea and moves it to the web. It's totally free and you can try it out here!

It has all the features you'd need out of a basic online text editor - save online, export to file, and the ability to turn the lights on and off. Try it out next time you're writing a blog post or taking notes, I think you'll find it a lot more pleasurable than just using notepad.

The source code is available here on GitHub. Feel free to do whatever you like with it!

There are some things which need tweaking, so I've made a gig here on to get the first one fixed fixed.

What do you think? Are there any other features you'd like to see? Leave a note in the comments!