MarkdownView for Android

By Rich Jones

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Cool! user Falnatsheh has claimed the bounty to make MarkdownView for Android.


Markdown is a popular modern markup syntax which converts easily into HTML. Rather than dealing with messy tags, Markdown lets users create rich text documents using standard, intuitive characters. It's used all over the web, like in README files on GitHub and many commenting systems, including Reddit. We use it here for all of our postings.

Markdown in Android

MarkdownView extends the standard Android WebView, but allows users to load MarkdownSyntax as well as HTML. This should make it a bit easier for developers to style and render rich text in their applications.

It's a very easy to use component in your projects, you can either add the JAR to your project, or copy all of the source into your project. To get the code, just clone it from our git repository by typing this into your terminal:

git clone git://

There's a demo application included which shows how to use it. Oh, and it's totally open source under the Apache license. Patches welcome!

Enjoy! Let us know if you end up using it in your project!