Lessons from a failed digital agency with Marcus Blankenship

By Jake Jorgovan.

Sometimes we learn more from our failures than our successes. In this episode of the Working Without Pants Podcast, Marcus Blankenship takes us through his experience building up a successful agency and then experiencing it fail and fall apart.

Building a remote agency with Authentic Form & Function

By Jake Jorgovan.
Building a creative agency is hard. Building a creative agency when you don't live in the same city as your partners can be even harder.

Chris and Bryant at Authentic Form & Function have managed to pull this off.

Writing great proposals and building software products with Nathan Powell

By Jake Jorgovan.
As freelance professionals, we are consistently having to create proposals for new projects all of the time. Often this means hassling with Microsoft Word, inDesign or some other design software to make our proposals decent.

How to be productive when working from home

By Jake Jorgovan.
Lets be honest, working from home isn't always the easiest.

The dangers of working from home

By Jake Jorgovan.
Photo used under creative commons courtesy of Matt Crawford
The other day I was sitting in my home office heads down getting things done.

How to become indispensable

By Jake Jorgovan.
When I was in college one of my good friends always had the coolest internships and the best jobs.

While most students were slaving away for free, he was getting paid for his internships, and paid well.

Freelancing With a Family

By David Duggins.
Gun.io community member David Duggins submitted this guest post all about freelancing with a family.
I realized fairly early on in my career that dress codes and cubicles just didn't do it for me. I hate ties. I hate slacks. Frankly, I hate shoes. Unfortunately, by the time I fully realized this I already had a family to take care of.

How to handle time zones as a digital nomad

By Jake Jorgovan.
One of the hardest things about being a digital nomad is dealing with time zone changes as you travel around the world.

If you are like most digital nomads, your primary client base is still based in your country of origin. For me personally, my clients were primarily in the United States.