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Writing better software proposals and products with Nathan Powell

Jake Jorgovan

Apr 1, 2017 4:00:00 PM

As freelance professionals, we are consistently having to create proposals for new projects all of the time. Often this means hassling with Microsoft Word, inDesign or some other design software to make our proposals decent.

The guest on this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast set out to make the process of creating proposals easier.

Nathan Powell of Nusii started his career as a freelance designer / developer and created the proposal design tool Nusii out of a need he experienced first hand. The software makes it simple and easy to create and send beautifully designed proposals to your clients.

In this episode, Nathan shares his story of building up his career and what he has learned from launching a software product. He also shares some of his best practices for writing winning proposals.

If Nusii sounds interesting to you, then visit this link and use the promo code gunio for 50% off your subscription for the first three months.

Written By:

Jake Jorgovan

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