WebP2P - New Peer to Peer Technology on the Web

by Rich Jones

This isn't the best illustration. There'll be a proper logo soon.

UPDATE: WebP2P has a new home! Check it out at WebP2P.org!

There is a new mailing list for peer to peer hackers who are interested in building the next generation of P2P technology!

To join it, send an email to:


and you'll be subscribed! Please introduce yourself to the list when you sign up! You can read the archives here.

Fun Stuff

We'll be discussing, and more importantly building, new open source peer to peer technologies on the web using WebRTC, ROAP (RTCWeb Offer/Answer Protocol), JSEP (JavaScript Session Initiation Protocol), and WebDHTs to create resilient and distributed web-based peer to peer services. This stuff is really cutting edge so it's very exciting to work on. Totally experimental.

Discussion topics will include, but not be limited to, censorship-resistance, public and private P2P filesharing, E2E encrypted P2P communication, mobile peer to peer networks, friend-to-friend networks, Unhosted applications and much more!

There are already a ton of great hackers on the list, but newcomers are more than welcome!

There's a small wiki, and I'll be making a real website to house all the docs, communication, projects and code soon.

See you there!