Double Your Freelancing Rate with Brennan Dunn

By Jake Jorgovan

In this episode I am honored to have Brennan Dunn as a guest.

Brennan has built up an absolutely incredible consulting career charging rates of $20k+ for a single week of work!

In this episode, Brennan shares how he built up a consulting career to justify charging those rates.

Brennan also shares best practices for raising your rates and getting more clients.

Brennan is an absolute authority and leader in the freelancing and consulting space and his advice in this episode is absolutely invaluable.

I would highly recommend picking up one of Brennan’s books Double Your Freelance Rate. I bought a copy over a year ago and since then my rate has tripled! Brennan also offers an incredible free email course where he shares absolutely incredible insights. Sign up for it and I know you will get a love of value out of the lessons!


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