Client-Side JavaScript Audio Waveform Visualizer

By Rich Jones

The theme music for this post is, of course, George Benson - Breezin'. (But it only works in Chrome for now).

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Good news! User 'fixplz' has completed a gig to make a client-side waveform visualizer. Check it out above! (Unfortunately, this only works in the Google Chrome browser for now.) The code is written in CoffeeScript (which converts into JavaScript) and the source code is available here on GitHub.

This is the coolest thing we've seen funded yet on!

Tinker, tailor..

For now, it's mostly a proof of concept. But, because this code is open source, you can take this and bend it into whatever you need it to be.

Some things people might want to try with this code:

  • Use popcorn.js for comments, ala SoundCloud.
  • Add Firefox support.
  • Host a remote, embeddable version.
  • Create a better skin (or skins) in CSS.
  • Add better play controls.
  • Use this as the basis of an HTML audio editing tool.

I'm interested in seeing what people do with this, so please submit patches back! The repository is hosted here on GitHub. We might also fund some more development of this project if people have good ideas about what needs to be done with it.

Awesome work, fixplz!

Oh, and we've got some big news about the site coming up in the next week, so sign up and get notified when we announce it! (Hint: mo' money, mo' code.)

So, what do you think? Neat, right? What would you like to see this be used for? Leave your comments below!

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