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By Chris Ismael

I'm Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist at Mashape. I create value for developers and API providers by connecting them through Mashape. Prior to Mashape, I was a Microsoft Developer Evangelist and Nokia Developer Manager. You can follow me at @craftshape and @chrispogeek. I also love music! This is a quick guide for adding your own API to the Mashape marketplace.

What is Mashape?

Mashape is an API Marketplace that allows app developers, and API providers to buy and sell usage of APIs. The Mashape community of developers and API providers enjoy the same features and benefits as any type of marketplace would offer - explore, discover, and identify the right API for you, communicate with fellow API buyers and sellers, pick among several price-tiers for an API, a try-before-you-buy option, and a test (console) to check the behavior of the API before you start coding.

I personally love the fact that Mashape offers a wide spectrum of APIs from our partners that no one has probably heard about, like the Getting Homework Done API which does your homework for you, Yoda Speak API which translates your sentences to Yoda speak, all the way to some really useful stuff like Sentiment Analysis, Face Recognition, among others.

Despite all these wonderful features, Mashape is actually very easy to use, whether you are an API owner looking to distribute and monetize his API in Mashape, or an app developer looking for new APIs and in a hurry to add them in his project. I hope that this series of blog posts (starting with How to Add an API in Mashape) will get you started in your API journey. As always, we would like to hear about your adventures with Mashape, what APIs you add, and what API's from the marketplace you found most useful. You can email me at

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