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By Teja Yenamandra

Today, we announced our acquisition of Centresource, a well-respected product development agency in Nashville. We have immense respect for the folks at Centresource, the work they’ve done for their clients, and their legacy of contribution to the technology community at-large. We’re very excited about joining forces.

The acquisition also signals the launch of the Partner Platform - a program we piloted with Centresource. The concept is simple - we partner with agencies and dev shops to provide them direct access to our freelance community. Our freelancers get more dealflow, and our partner agencies will be able to access a flexible bench of talent to service their existing clients.

We’re intent on expanding our partnership network with local agencies across the United States, and replicating our success with Centresource.

Our community is over 25,000 strong, with our active Professional Freelancers working an average of 18 hours per week on freelance gigs that last an average of 18 months for clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to startups incubating in co-working spaces.

We’re excited to begin partnering with a mix of small, best-of-breed agencies to help our clients access a deeper bench of talent. In addition, we’re excited for the collaborative and professionally enriching opportunities this will provide our Professional Freelancers in allowing them to work alongside talented peers from other organizations.

Perhaps most significantly, we’re thrilled to start helping talented agencies grow by providing them access to our clients, and helping them serve their clients by providing them access to our talent network.

Here’s a profile of an ideal fit for us:
Strong local reputation (i.e., folks at a programming meetup would’ve heard of your shop)
A core competency in a specific discipline, practice area, or stack
Revenue of at least $500K within the last 12 months

If you run an agency or development shop, let’s talk. We'd love to explore ways to help each other — everything from working with our community directly to fully absorbing your agency and all stops in-between. 

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Get in touch by dropping us a line at agency @ or give us a ring - 234-56GUNIO

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