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GUN_Hero_Banner_07-26-21-KB's brand story helps professionals navigate the wild frontier of remote work.

Our brand pays homage to the bounty hunters charting a new frontier: freelance developers who expertly guide technology companies in their quest to build better software.

Our brand evokes a sense of boundary-pushing adventure, balancing irreverence with precision and intelligence.

Tagline and Overview


World-class technical talent, on tap.

Overview: helps companies scale their software engineering teams seamlessly by tapping a global network of elite hired guns. We're trusted by teams committed to excellence in software engineering like Tesla, CISCO, & NBC, and over 25,000+ independent software engineers, designers, product managers, and project managers.





Text usage

Write “” with a capital “G”, lowercase “”, and always include the “.io”.

Lockup usage

Avoid using a white logo on a contextually light background:

Avoid rotating, modifying, or altering the logo in any way:

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If you think our brand is cool, just wait until you work with us.

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