July: This Month at Gun.io

By Team Gun.io

Hot & Fresh Commits 🍞

New & improved for companies: 
  • We launched major improvements to our matching algorithm, which improves the chances of a really positive client-expert fit. Goal: to create awesome engagements that are fun for both parties. 
  • Companies can now create a Company Profile, which collects team and stack details to give potential candidates a more wholistic view of the opportunity. 
  • Tim joined the team this summer (hi Tim), and has used his frontend powers for good by giving our candidate profiles a facelift. Cute, right? ⬇️




New & improved for freelancers: 

  • The advanced skills editor got some great feedback last month, and your wish is our command. Now: you can click in to each skill type and select from a list of options. A more diverse, wholistic set of skills on your profile = better (and more) job matches. 

  • A few of you wrote in that you kept getting job matches with technologies that you never, ever, not in one million years, want to work with. You can now put those in the Ignored Skills field on your profile, et voila: inbox peace. 

General performance updates: 
  • Mostly exciting for the Gun.io team: you'll notice in Slack that job posts are now coming from Gunslinger rather than one of us. This is cool because automation. The only downside is I can't be annoying about beating Jessi in a job post competition (this is Faith speaking btw). 



On the Horizon 😎

We're grinding this month on several major initiatives to help freelancers grow their practice. From a first-of-its-kind work style tool, to community-driven code reviews, to a market report to help you make decisions around pricing and beyond, it's full speed ahead for this small but mighty dev team. 

As always, if you have feedback or feature requests, write us—on the app, on Slack, Tweet us, send a carrier pigeon...whatever feels right. 



Posted by Team Gun.io

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