June 22, 2020: This Week at Gun.io

By Team Gun.io

Hot & Fresh Commits 🍞

New & improved for companies: 
  • It's a big week for Gun.io companies. We pushed a version of a Gun.io profile, just for you. If you're currently working with Jessi on a talent search, you'll get the first look at these profiles next week!

    New & improved for freelancers: 
  • After feedback from, well, everyone: job match emails are now filtered based on geo preferences set on the job (so if you're in Canada, you won't get match emails for jobs in the Netherlands).
  • For those days you're speaking like Moira Rose in a fruit wine commercial: you can now re-record your video introduction up to 10 times (increased from 3). Trust me, we've been there. 
  • The client-view of your profile got a MAJOR facelift this week. Click on your email in the upper right corner to check it out 😏 
  • Three words: advanced. skills. editor! You can now (truly) build and display your stack on your profile - and it looks super cool when you save it. 
    captured (2)

General performance updates: 
  • Now using Celery/Redis to queue all emails (whew) and switched to an HTML template for said emails, so we now have ~*whitespace*~ for readability. 
  • Set login expiration date to 7 days rather than 30, so we can properly count how many of y'all are *actually* joining each day.



Posted by Team Gun.io

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