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Just like that, another quarter is in the bag. As a company, we organize ourselves around big, audacious goals for the number of developers we are able to help get hired. This quarter was no different, and we're especially proud of the dozens of first-time gunners who landed gigs this quarter. 

We are SO EXCITED about the new look in the app. If you haven't logged in yet, check it out:


The new app skin is preview of exciting things to come for our brand as a whole. Plus, things in the app are getting faster and easier to use, with many thanks owed to our community here for your awesome feature and improvement suggestions. 

We're also excited to now be able to share candidate profiles directly with hirers outside the context of a job post. This means we can give hirers more of a white-glove service, and for job seekers, we can shop your profile proactively to awesome company matches. 

What this means for you: since profiles are the primary way that companies and talent get to learn about each other beyond a job post, be sure your profile (whether you're a hirer or a job seeker) is completed with as much care and detail as possible. 

New & improved for job seekers: 
  • We're now supporting hourly, monthly retainer, and yearly salary rates on all jobs (and on your profile). This is awesome for folks who are looking to incentivize longer-term engagements! 
  • If you're not open to full-time roles, you can now opt out of job match notifications for those. 
  • You can now see the job details on the job application page, so you don't need to toggle back and forth to write a great cover letter. 
  • We know our jobs move quickly; you can now see a countdown timer that tells you when job applications will be closed, as well as the total number of applicants so far.

New & improved for companies: 
  • Now, when you're posting a job, you can see how the post will likely appeal to male- and female-identifying applicants, along with a match count. The match count helps you narrow down the most important skills for the role, as the more specific the skill requirements, the fewer matches you'll likely receive.
  • You can also add custom questions to the job post to help you get to know applicants on a more personal level. 
  • The new company profile includes a LinkedIn connection, plus a profile strength indicator, so you can easily see how your company will appear to potential applicants. 
  • Already have a job post? No problem - now, you don't have to go through the full job post wizard. Just paste in your own! 
  • You can now select the WorkStyle you'd prefer for your applicants. An awesome tool if you're working on building a complimentary team! 


On the horizon for Q2: 
  • We're working on getting news about new matches (for both jobs and candidates) to you faster. 
  • Badges! We're introducing more ways for you to stand out on the platform, especially folks who have been in the Gun-osphere for awhile. 
  • In-app referral tracking, more candidate feedback, and a promoted profile program...all exciting stuff. We can't wait to dive in. 




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