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New & improved for job seekers: 
  • To cut down on back-and-forth when scheduling interviews, we’ve built an in-app scheduler that will help finalists interview with clients sooner. Job finalists will now be emailed a link to set their availability for an interview, and must do this within 12 hours. Remember, finalists are typically the top 10% of all applicants.

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  • We simplified the profile so it is all viewable on one page, and highlight any missing pieces that would be particularly impactful when clients view your profile. You can also now see how your profile looks to clients!
  • On Your Jobs tab, you can now see a full list of job status descriptions—including when an employer withdraws a job.
  • Remember your WorkStyle Assessment? It’s now neatly displayed on your profile to help you land right-fit roles.


New & improved for companies: 
  • Employers can now see candidates’ WorkStyles right on their profiles, which helps contextualize what each candidate brings to their teams.
  • Now, when companies are sent job finalists, they’ll also be able to schedule interviews right in the app—further reducing the time it takes to hire a great candidate on!
  • You know that feeling when you sit down to an empty Word doc? Writing job descriptions can feel the same way. We created a new job creation wizard to help you answer the right questions in your job post and attract excellent candidates.






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