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Securing AWS


Securing your AWS Infrastructure with IAM


When developing a new product and finding that product-market fit every team needs to move fast. Especially startups, as the whole future of the company is dependent on quickly finding the people who pay for your product.

Amazon Web Services has been an incredible tool for startups and other teams to build their application and infrastructure quickly. These teams often have a stronger background in development than proper system operations.


Heroku Logs


Digging into 22 billion Heroku log entries


At Logentries they process over 10 billion log events every day. That’s quite a lot of data from quite a lot of systems…all being processed and analyzed by a cloud service. They realized that this puts them in a unique position to look at a huge amount of data from a macro level and provide their community with insights as to what is happening across different platforms and software components (of course, all anonymized with privacy protected).




APIs and Higher Level Abstraction of AWS SES


Hello Fellow Developers! As we trek along deeper into the computing wilderness and climb to the higher rungs of development, we become keenly aware of the unfullfilled needs of the development community. These needs tend to be sated by brave souls who endeavor to author APIs. Some quintessential examples of this courage are jQuery, D3, and OpenLayers, just to name few.


Heroku Deploy


Unleash the Puma on Herok


Over the last couple of months our business grew a lot and Unicorn seemed to take more resources than necessary. We switched to 2X instances and still needed quite a lot of workers. Although larger Heroku bills were part of our decision to optimize, we mostly felt the quality of our service was diminishing. We started with Puma as it seemed to be one of the more widely used options.

For the last month we have used Puma in production on the Codeship and are happy with it. There are a couple of potential pitfalls, but overall it made our performance better and Heroku bills smaller.


Cloud Migration Strategy


Tips to Building a Foolproof Cloud Migration Strategy for 2019


There are so many applications involved, and depending on the level of your company, you may have to follow one or all of the following steps. Start with the most straightforward and lowest complexity applications and data first. By tackling the most effortless jobs first, you’ll feel more knowledgeable and prepared to handle the rest.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to have a seamless cloud migration.


Cloud Management Service


Deep Dive into Clouddriver


Spinnaker provides unique building blocks to create tailor-made, and highly-collaborative continuous delivery pipelines. Join them at Spinnaker Summit. They discuss Clouddriver: how to scale it, how to diagnose errors or performance issues. Sharing an overview of the service (no code, I promise) and some tips to operate Clouddriver at scale in the hope it will help the Spinnaker community. This is the first in a series of posts on Clouddriver.


Amazon Workspaces


5 Use Cases for Amazon Workspaces That are Worth Checking Out


Due to insane growth over the last few years (really, since 2006), Amazon Workspace has established itself as a definite market leader in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and time management for several years.

But is it really worth jumping on the bandwagon? What sets Amazon Workspaces apart? Before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a look at just what exactly Amazon Workspaces is.