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Mobile App Security


Mobile App Security and Threat Defense


Mobile app security expert Domingo Guerra is an authority in a field that’s growing at a frenetic pace. As the founder of Appthority, Domingo witnessed first-hand how businesses require increasing levels of assistance to properly secure critical business data and protect consumers on mobile platforms. He shares his belief in the preeminence of device security in a culture where personal mobile devices often form the backbone of company operations.


Enterprise Data


Enterprise Data: How do you move 50TB per day to 15,000 global engineers?


Founder and CEO of Resilio, and former CEO of BitTorrent. Resilio is a vastly enhanced enterprise version of BitTorrent Sync - a completely P2P alternative to Dropbox. As computing at the cloud is beginning to migrate back to the edge, some predictions say edge data growth is going to reach 50 times the current usage. Eric discusses the story of BitTorrent, which at one time accounted for 40% of all internet traffic. Now Resilio is advancing that story to enterprise data on the edge.


Data Analytics Platforms


Measuring the Impossible with Data Analytics Platforms


Dr. John Feland, Founder and CEO of Argus Insights attempts to measure the impossible in a world in which the consumer market is increasingly defined by data. John assists companies with enhancing their social capital; the trust that consumers place in their brand. Over a diverse and impressive career, beginning with research posts at Stanford, he has continually refined his understanding of data, how to intelligently identify the important data, and how to gain insight from it.


Wifi Network Security


Thinking About Wifi Network Security Holistically


Jason Hintersteiner is the CTO at Imperial Network Solutions. He is an expert in the small-to-medium business (SMB) Wi-Fi market, possessing a unique perspective on the industry by having worked in engineering and marketing roles for both wireless internet service providers and access point equipment vendors. He discusses the technology that we use every day and how to think about wifi network security holistically.


SQL Attack


Discovering an SQL Attack and Gaining an Appreciation For Security


Andrew Plato, CEO, President, and Founder of Anitian discusses discovering the SQL attack, and through that experience gaining an appreciation for security which led him to start his own security firm.


The Future of Big Data


We Are at the Precipice of Something Totally Different


As CTO of ONIS Solutions, David Ramsey is at the forefront of the big data movement. With a passion for technology and a nuanced view on the subject given his work in Africa, David shares how he expects data to change our lives in the future. Citing industry examples such as food and transportation, David’s optimistic vision of the future imagines how data collection creates jobs and enables high net creativity.


Equifax Data Breach


We’re all targets: Preparing for inevitable security breaches


Dan Tienes, CTO of Corporate Cost Control, has unique perspectives on cybersecurity, particularly having taken a personal interest in the well-known Equifax breach, having spent time working at the company for 9 years after an acquisition. With deep insight into the Equifax corporate culture, born of his time at the company, Dan has thoughtful perspectives on both failures of technology and failures of process, which likely led to the famous data breach.


Data Science in Engineering


Hybrid Data Science in Engineering Teams


As data science becomes increasingly important for business, hybrid science and engineering teams are a necessity, but managing these distinct types of experts for maximum collaboration is a compelling challenge. Wickus Martin is the Director of Machine Learning Engineering and Data Science at Dstillery, a custom audience solutions company that uses AI to find and target ideal customers. Wickus discusses how sometimes organizations shy away from conflict -- but it’s really effective if we put the time into the productive contention.


Data-Driven Decision Making


Data-Driven Decision Making For Better Business


As Vice President of Engineering at OneSpace, Kelly Stevens is responsible for defining and executing the software development strategy for OneSpace's suite of product offerings. Her strong background as a software developer and her love for data enable her to excel as a technology leader. She discusses the importance of data-driven decision-making in today's modern architectures.


Future of Blockchain


What's Next in Blockchain


John Fitch, a venture partner of Animal Ventures where he leads all venture developments. AV partners with some of the world's most successful companies to understand how their supply chains are evolving and form small startups to build Blockchain. John discusses the future of Blockchain and how Blockchain is driving innovation in categories well beyond cryptocurrency.


Enterprise Data Science


AI and Enterprise Data Science: Start-ups to fortune 500


In this episode, we are joined by David Yakobovitch, Principal Data Scientist for Galvanize, and the host of HumAin, an AI podcast. David shares his insights from his extensive experience in AI, and enterprise data science to help any company from Fortune 500s to start-ups.