Since 2011...

We've been paving the way for professional freelancers to work remotely. During the growth of our company, we've seen businesses come and go — raising tens of millions of dollars in venture capital and then quickly imploding (and destroying a lot of money in the process).

Over the past few years, we've witnessed:

  • The founding, financing (by Techstars), and shuttering of GroupTalent
  • The founding, financing (by Ycombinator), and shuttering of Assembly's freelancing business
  • The merger of oDesk and Elance
  • The founding, financing, and quiet sale of Crew
  • Countless other "developer marketplaces" launch into a brick wall

But, we've seen some growth in our industry as well:

  • The founding, financing, and growth of Toptal (to $100M in sales)
  • The founding, financing, and growth of Gigster (with over $30M in capital raised)
  • oDesk & Elance's successful rebrand and turnaround into a platform that values high-quality freelancers

Why we're different

We are a bootstrapped company that has not raised a single dollar of venture capital financing.  We don't have any VC investors to court, maintain, or mollify.

The only way we'll continue to grow is if we keep over-delivering to you, clients and freelancers. Our operating philosophy is borne out of this financial reality.

1. Professional Freelancers Only

We work with self-employed professional freelancers who take their craft and your job seriously. Our professionals work 20 to 30 hours per week and earn an annual income of roughly $120,000 per year, and have a minimum of 6 years of experience working in a production software development environment. 

We don't have photos of them working from beaches, because real, thoughtful work for clients like you doesn't happen as a digital nomad — it happens working under a  predictable, consistent schedule. However, creative work like software engineering demands some degree of autonomy and flexibility (such as, the ability to go for a walk in the middle of the day to think about a hard problem) — not the skullduggery of traditional full-time employment.

In building an environment that encourages Professional Freelancers, we've struck this careful balance between discipline and freedom for self-employed professionals.

2. Enterprise-Grade Talent, and Enterprise-Grade Work

For the price you would pay a single full-time engineer (approximately $110,000), we bring you a full mix of freelance engineering profesionals — from an initial product manager and senior architect to build the initial plan, to UI/UX, to DevOps and specific engineers for each  platform or language.

We've found that engaging a mix of senior talent on a fractional, freelance basis, allows you to access the expertise of high-caliber talent for the price you would pay for the full-time contribution of an average programmer — which in turn creates better results for your business in the long-term.

We aim to provide you the best return on your development dollars, and that means allowing you to access more skills at deeper levels of expertise for the same price you would pay using any other freelance development service.

3. We make CTOs and CFOs happy

Unlike most services firms that strive to keep you tethered, we enable you to scale your engineering and product development capacity up or down depending on your strategic goals. Within a business day, we can expand your team of engineers by a factor of 10, or bring it down to one single engineer.

Every company strikes its own balance between its financial and R&D goals, and we work with you to ensure you're excercising sound financial judgement while investing in the future of your company.

The Bottom Line: Results Per Dollar

When it comes to software development, you have tremendous choice. And if you believe in the power of free markets — as we do — that's a good thing. It forces us all to compete to win the honor of doing business with you.

At, we measure success for our clients in simple terms: "did we create the best possible software development results for every dollar our client has invested?" We back this ambition on every project with our $100,000 money-back guarantee. 

Reach out and begin a dialogue with us and our freelancers if you're interested. We'd be honored to do business with you.