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Engineering management resources to build and manage high-performing remote, distributed, and hybrid engineering teams.


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Remote Team Management


Remote Tech Teams: How to Make it Work


Laurel Farrer is a Distributed Operations Consultant that collaborates with the world's top remote-friendly companies to strengthen virtual communication, streamline digital processes, and develop long-distance management strategies. Laurel discusses managing remote teams through strengthening virtual communication and streamlining digital processes.


Engineering Management Systems


An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management


Will Larson's An Elegant Puzzle tackles the challenges of engineering management--from sizing teams to technical debt to succession planning. Drawing from his experience at Digg, Uber, and Stripe, Will Larson has developed a thoughtful approach to engineering management that leaders of all levels at companies of all sizes can apply. An Elegant Puzzle balances structured principles and human-centric thinking to help any leader create more effective and rewarding organizations for engineers to thrive in.


Building Culture in a Remote Team


How to Build Culture in a Remote Team and Scale


Damian Schenkelman is the Director of Engineering at Auth0. Auth0 provides SDKs and APIs for identification and login. They are essentially the Stripe of logging into websites and apps. Auth0's Engineering team is primarily remote, having over 100 people, 15 teams and has people in 21 countries and 86 cities. As an engineering director, Damian’s number one objective is scaling engineering teams: making sure the right people are in the right seats with the right training and support to do their job. He discusses remote culture for distributed teams, team building, trust, and more.


Delivering Effective Feedback


How to Deliver Effective Feedback to Your Engineers


Lara Hogan knows some things about high performing engineering teams. Following roles as Engineering Director at Etsy and VPE at Kickstarter, she founded Wherewithall to run workshops, training and coaching on delivering great feedback, setting clear expectations, and balancing mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring -- all critical skills for anyone rising through the engineering ranks. Lara discusses the surprisingly human emotions that crop up during management practice, and how to know if you really want that promotion from developer to manager.


Remote Team Communication


How to Improve Remote Team Communication with Hybrid Teams


Greg Starling, a full-stack e-commerce and mobility expert with broad experience in the CTO seat. Ledge and Greg talk through his advice for staying on the right side of Apple’s review processes, and how to stand out in the crowd to potentially earn yourself a mobility partnership spot, based on his experience at Monscierge. Greg discusses how to manage remote team members, going so far as to set up specific video terminals where each remote team member can join conversations with an always-on camera just like they are in the office.


Managing Multiple Teams


Managing Multiple Teams to Build a Seamless User Experience


Ryan Burgess, Software Engineering Manager at Netflix discusses leading their Acquisition UI team optimizing the signup and login processes for one of the highest usage apps on the planet. Ryan walks us through the challenges of coordinating among engineering teams at massive scale, working on technologies that span a multitude of different platforms, and how Netflix incorporates A/B testing at the core of everything they do while delivering your weekend video binge.


Psychological Safety


Establishing Psychological Safety in Engineering Teams


April Wensel is the founder of Compassionate Coding, a company offering advice and workshops to engineering teams on how to bring a more human touch to the workplace. “We weren’t caring enough about human beings in the engineering process,” notes April, who used her background in software engineering to tailor her company’s interactive workshops so the content deeply aligns with her technical audience. April discusses the importance of emotional intelligence in the coding process, and how to promote psychological safety, diversity, and organizational effectiveness.


Value-Driven Techniques


Value-Driven Techniques for Worldwide Leadership


Scaling an engineering organization is challenging enough when you’re colocated, and when your whole team is developers. What happens when you also introduce data science and 24/7 SRE? That’s three entirely different types of work. Now distribute those workers around the world and imagine the complexity. Alex Newman, serial founder, engineer, and management thinker discusses how he and his co-founders at Intuition Machines think about and solve these problems. The key word? Evolution.


Creating a High Performing Team


How to Create a High Performing Team Using Three Pillars


“How does your software development team measure performance?” That’s the question Dan Lines and Ori Keren set out to answer with Linear B. Dan and Ori are both veteran software engineering leaders with global teams and several high profile exits. Dan and Ori reflected on their experiences working to pull data and munging reports in order to measure and demonstrate the productivity of their teams. They built their new company to tackle that problem head-on, drawing together dozens of data sources into metrics designed to track three pillars: Quality and Value; Activity and Throughput; and Social and Teamwork. The balance of which achieves a high performing team.


Managing Distributed Teams


Best Practices for Managing Distributed Teams


Chris Overton is the VP of Cloud Engineering at open source leader, Elastic, a globally distributed company with engineers in more than 30 countries. Chris discusses how supporting remote work is an unparalleled competitive advantage that allows for hiring the very best people, regardless of location. After a full career of remote work, Chris is a wealth of tactical tips including how precise and deliberate communication is job one, and how being a micro-manager is a death knell for your team. Bottom line: if you don’t want to empower and trust you’re going to fail.


DevOps Management


Managing DevOps through P90X


You’re one of the largest exercise brands in the world. How do you get your DevOps in shape? Bob Chen, Senior Director of Technical Operations at Beachbody discusses show he manages DevOps teams, deployment, working with multiple distributed teams, and knocking off technical debt. Software teams often want to do their own thing… until they don’t. A good Ops team knows how to serve them, support them, and also give them room to set their own standards when needed. As Bob reminds us, “There’s always room for improvement!”


The Iron Triangle


Managing Teams with The Iron Triangle of Engineering Leadership


You might have heard of the "Iron Triangle" of software development: Cost, Quality, and Speed. How about the "Iron Triangle" of engineering leadership? No, it's not a new Game of Thrones episode, but it is an extremely useful tool for implementing leadership across your organization with "Do, Lead, and Strategize." Engineering Director Colin Henry discusses how to prioritize those roles for your team members and yourself so you can together build a stronger operation.


Leading an Effective Meeting


How to Lead a Meeting Engineers Love: Lessons from improv


A veteran of Microsoft, Groupon, and now Mode Analytics, Engineering Leader, Ushashi Chakraborty has gotten used to hearing the most abnormal feedback: "I love coming to your meetings!" She realized after some reflection that her extensive improv experience through Chicago's famed Second City Conservatory, had instilled in her skills and habits that were just as useful for running engineering meetings as they were on stage. She recaps a presentation she made at the 2018 NY Nasdaq CTO Summit, entitled "Running Engineering Meetings Using Improv Skills."


Teaching Risk Management


Teach Your Engineers To Play Risk


Rahul Garg is a Machine Learning/AI product leader expert with a focus on conversational interfaces and NLP. He is currently the SVP of Engineering and Products at a well-funded AI startup, Pypestream, and previously was part of the team that commercialized IBM Watson. A Boston native, Rahul is a graduate of Harvard’s MBA program and also holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from UMASS. He shares tricks of the trade when it comes to orienting engineers around a product vision, teaching risk management, and the art of diplomacy between product and engineering teams.


Continuous Delivery


Moving Fast Without Breaking Things


In this episode of the Pod, Teja is joined by Andrew Phillips to talk about his journey from a software engineer, team lead, infrastructure builder, community evangelist and now his work as Product Manager for Continuous Delivery at Google Cloud.


Healthy Workplaces


The Pursuit of Happiness...and Health


Craig Bryant- founder and CEO of KinHR, and WeAreMammoth, as well as the former co-founder of DoneDone discusses his mission to make happy and healthy workplaces.


Becoming a Manager


Stepping Towards Management with Netflix


Teja is joined in this episode of the podcast by Andrew Glover, Director, Delivery Engineering at Netflix to discuss his entry into programming, navigating his way through a career spanning big and small companies, and finding value in stepping towards management.


Building Inclusive Teams


How to Build Inclusive Engineering Teams


In this episode, Ledge sits down with Shauni Deshmukh, CTO at Tettra about to discuss her approach to building thoughtful and inclusive engineering teams.


Engineering Leadership


Good Will Hunting In an Engineering Leadership Role


In this episode, we are joined by Scott Roe-Meschke, Director of Engineering at Blinker. Scott discusses the importance of cultivating trust and transparency for your team in an engineering leadership role.


Successful Leadership


Focus on The Process, Not The Destination


n this episode, we are joined by Michael Dibernardo, Vice President of Engineering at Wave. Michael shares insights into what it takes to become a successful leader, and why you should focus on the process, not the destination.


Remote Employees


Running a Virtual Company With Remote Employees – Pros & Cons


Over the last 10 years, we've discovered firsthand the incredible advantages of virtual-only companies. Some are obvious, others less so. And, of course, there are a few challenges as well. But in many leader's experiences, the advantages far outweigh the challenges. What’s in it for you as an entrepreneur, whether you have an existing virtual business or are thinking about starting one?