Frequently Asked Questions

It's a big world out there.

Hey, we see you doing your due diligence research. Good on you. There are lots of choices when it comes to hiring, so we put together some of the most common questions we hear from folks in your shoes to help.

What makes engineers unique?

It's not about just being a fantastic engineer. When you're hiring (and paying for) senior talent, skills honed over a decade or more of experience should be a given. 

Beyond engineering chops, engineers have the mindsets and habits necessary for participating in (and sometimes leading) a distributed team.

They're unparalleled communicators, able to collaborate with technical and non-technical teams alike. Because they're expert freelancers, onboarding time is minimal, and they deliver results on average 2.5x faster than a more junior or overseas alternative. Plus, over 90% of the community is US-based, making timezone alignment easy. 


How does vet and certify talent?

To work with us, engineers pass through seven unique stages of assessment - some testing for technical skills, and others for the character and communication savvy we know it takes to be a fantastic remote teammate. The team does all of this vetting with a personal touch, so we’re able to get to know each engineer personally and make matches that are great cultural fits, as well.


What sets apart from talent marketplaces and agencies?

Beyond the difference in talent, our business model is entirely different from a marketplace or an agency. You can read more about the differences here and here.

TL;DR: we are not a transactional marketplace like our competitors. It's not our practice to facilitate a bidding war and take a cut. Our success is wrapped up in the success of each and every client project we take on, which means we stay on board for the entirety of the engagement to support. 


Why freelance?

We believe - and the research shows - that flexible, distributed teams are the future of work. But on a more tangible level, we choose to represent freelance engineers because we believe the most elite talent ultimately choses the freelancing path. These are folks who, after a decade or more in the game, are energized by new challenges and environments. They're in a place in their career where geographically unconstrained, flexible work aligns with their personal responsibilities. 


How much does your service cost?

As freelancers, engineers set their own hourly rates, commensurate with skill level and market demand. You'll choose a package of hours that aligns with your budget and timeline. Packages range from one month to one year, and longer engagements tend to yield higher cost savings. Beyond hourly rate, there is no additional cost to work with 


What kinds of engagements do you manage?

Our teams have built everything from simple web applications, APIs and mobile applications to highly complex HIPAA-compliant medical machine learning/AI clusters and data processing pipelines, international payment processing systems, high-frequency trading algorithms, embedded systems, and elastic critical infrastructure.


Who are your clients?

We’ve helped thousands of businesses — from global businesses like Cisco, NBC and Tesla, to small businesses who just made their first $1 in revenue.


Will I own my code?

Yes. All Professional Freelancers have signed a comprehensive Consultant Agreement, which includes confidentiality and IP assignment clauses. 


Can I hire a freelancer to work on-site?

Freelancers who choose to work with us typically do so because they’ve made an intentional choice to pursue remote, freelance work, so on-site engagements aren’t common. In cases where we are able to find a local match for you and both parties are on board, we can negotiate an on-site arrangement. Full disclosure: this is not what we specialize in.


Can I get an upfront estimate on my project?

Ultimately, the engineer you engage will have the best perspective to offer insight into the magnitude of your project. We price on an hourly basis, rather than project-based, to offer both you and your freelancer more flexibility.

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If you have a question that we haven't answered here, drop us a line at or give us a ring at +1 (615) 541-8095. We're here to help.

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