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The first step is to submit a role to be vetted by the team and shared with the community. We'll send you the top candidates for your role within 48 hours, typically. 

All candidates will be viewable in your hiring profile!

All communication is facilitated through us at until a contract is in place with a freelancer or W2 hire. You're welcome to pass specs, async questions, or code reviews through us as needed until you feel absolutely confident with your choice. 


Once you are sent the top candidates for your role, you can opt to request interviews with any of the candidates you'd like to talk to. organizes the interviews, and one of us will also sit in so we can answer any questions.

You're welcome to invite others from your team to join. If a second interview is in order, we're happy to coordinate that, as well.


For the top developers and designers who join our platform, we are committed to getting you presented to a hiring client within your first thirty days on the platform. 

If you're looking for quick, immediate work, we recommend checking out Upwork or Fiverr

Most clients hire freelancers from the platform for 6-12 month engagements, ranging from 20-40 hours per week. 


Typical clients are profitable software companies and recently-funded startups looking for their first few technical partners. 


Typical freelancers have upwards of ten years of experience and speak English as either their native language or fluently. 


We only accept clients who are ready to pay US market rates for exceptional development talent. 

One of the most compelling reasons to work through is that we handle all billing and pay you consistently and predictably—so you don't have to chase your clients for payment. 


Once you join a project with, we will reach out to get your billing profile set up. Depending on where your preferred bank account is located, you will either receive an email invite to input your info, or we will get in touch personally to get info from you.


Each payment will cover a week of logged time. Our billing week runs from Saturday-Friday, so make sure you have all your hours logged in Jira by the end of the day every Friday! pays you in weekly increments on net 30 terms. This means that each billing week's hours will be paid out 30 days from the end of each week.


We don't have standard rates on Developers on our site have hourly rates ranging between $75-$150+ per hour, largely depending on the expertise required. 


Here's how pricing works: 

1. Applicants share their desired rate or salary when they apply to your opportunity.

2. Based on your budget, helps you find the best candidate for the job.

3. For freelance engagements, you pay one flat hourly rate.’s fees are always already baked into the rates you see. You'll never be charged a rate that you don't agree to.

4. For salaried W2 engagements,'s placement fee is 15% of the yearly salary.

5. You don’t pay a dime until you start working with a candidate you love.


Your engagement contract will detail the payment terms of the agreement, including rate, number of hours, payment intervals and due dates.


We will send invoices to your billing contact in accordance with upcoming payments, regardless of payment method. If you retain an ACH or credit card payment method with us, we will process payment on the date specified in the invoice (or after an approvals process, in some cases).

Put Us In the Hot Seat

From the moment we start working together, everything about is personalized - and it starts here. Rather than making you plow through a list of questions and answers that may or may not answer yours, we're standing by to answer your questions directly. Send 'em in.