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When you have one shot to launch a new project, you can't afford to get it wrong. 


With every new project, time and money are of the essence.
It's tempting to cut corners and compromise on talent. Our advice? Don't. 

Buy a simple block of hours with your developer
to hit a short-term milestone or two (or three)

Then easily lock-in your dev to a predictable, recurring engagement if you want to keep the mojo rolling.


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Meet engineers like Lee:


- Professional experience with React and GraphQL in production, heavy use of PHP and LAMP stack, moderate use of Ruby, MongoDB, and Backbone.js

- System administration involved Puppet (and Puppet Enterprise), Amazon AWS, Hudson (then Jenkins)

- Led team in transition to DevOps and the cloud

- Senior User Experience Engineer

- Produces award-winning independent feature films in his spare time

Meet Your Match

Take the work out of hiring and put it back into your project.

Evergreen candidate sourcing conducts an evergreen effort to source candidates that fit your team - not just your tech stack. Engage them if, when, and for as long as you need.

Zero admin overhead

Engaging part-time contributors usually puts a deadweight on administrative time and money. Not with We handle all paperwork, payments, and billing, so you can focus on what matters: growth. Just pick your monthly hours and we handle the rest. 

Vetting on your behalf

Every engineer in our community has been fully vetted and reference checked by our internal team. They're people who we would want to work with - and do! Don't mean to brag, but this is kind of our thing. 



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"As a new startup founder, finding reliable developers is quite a chore. By working with, my experience has been phenomenally better than with previous hires through other freelancing platforms.


While my developer may be more expensive per hour, he gets around 3 or maybe even 4 times the amount of work done compared to past hires of mine, ending up SAVING me a lot of money, time, hassle, and stress."

-Tara L., Founder, Freelance Project Subscriber

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