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A Better Way To Hire Technical Talent

Hiring the right person is about way more than languages or frameworks, years of experience, or "worked at [company]." 

At the end of the day, hiring is about people, not just skills - but folks in the hiring seat have historically been forced to make big leaps of faith that the person on the resumé will be a good fit for the team.

For technical hiring, it's usually a risk equation that tries to reconcile quality (good candidate vs. excellent) and time (action now vs. keep looking). 

But it's risky to rush your process. It's risky to only look for talent in your city or region. It's risky to hire junior devs with limited experience. Even worse to hire seniors who may or may not be great communicators or mentors. And time is ticking.

Any way you slice it there's risk, and it's expensive to get it wrong. 

That's the problem we set out solve. Or, at the very least, make a big dent in it.

How is this better than a recruiter?

We believe there are 4 key ways to improve the model:

We will find your ideal candidate

#1. Better Sourcing & Vetting

The Problem:
Recruiters match a resume with a technical requirements and skills list, so results are often good "on paper" but often don't hit the mark as an overall match. The problem is they don't have a sophisticated enough vetting practice to uncover technical, experiential or soft skills that would truly make a candidate a great fit. They're also notoriously slow.

Our Solution:
Our process to source, vet, and pair engineers with teams has been informed by thousands of placements with some of the most notably discerning engineering teams in our industry. We've built a core competency in technical vetting that yields expert-level mapping of the nuances and heuristics of a great match. We also present candidates in 48 hours or less on average.

Can we get to know each other first?

#2. Flexible Onboarding

The Problem: 
Recruiters front-load all their work to present candidates and consider a hire as the endgame. That mindset creates a misalignment around 'selling' a candidate as a great fit, encouraging  a quick hiring decision (so they can get paid) and expecting new hires to join in a fully-loaded capacity from day one..

Our Solution:
We allow clients to evaluate talent on a freelance basis for as long as they need to see how candidates work, how they code, and how they communicate - all the important things you need to feel great about before making a permanent offer.  

What if the fit is *not* so great?

#3. The No-Risk Pivot

The Problem:
With a recruiter, if your new hire doesn't work out  you probably get some kind of refund in some time frame, but you're also back to square one for a second candidate and the payment meter starts again on a new search. Time is money, and you just lost a lot of both.

The Solution:
With us, if you're working with any candidate on a freelance basis, you're earning equity against our commission. During the evaluation process, we partner with you to ensure there's a great overall fit and don't hesitate to swap out talent if we need to pivot and find a better fit.

Manage your hiring budget and your risk

#4. Affordability & Cash Flow

The Problem:
Engineering talent is expensive. Add on front-loaded recruiter commissions and your talent payroll can skyrocket overnight.

The Solution:
Our model reduces risk to virtually zero with a credit-based commission structure that gets paid off over time. Try before you buy.

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