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The Independent Professional

You've earned autonomy

We believe that years of excellence in your craft has earned you top-tier clients, rates to match, and flexibility. Guild Members have access to vetted opportunities that fit their expertise and set their own hourly rate - no race-to-the-bottom rate competition here.

Focus on your craft takes on all the peripheral responsibilities of a typical independent professional. We help you get discovered by clients, handle all billing and contracts, and market your profile of well-earned accolades and skills to make you discoverable to high-growth companies, so your sole focus is your craft.  

Get discovered by some of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

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Quality clients

Technology leaders come to for a curated community of verified and dependable talent, a fast and easy spin-up process, and customizable engagements. 


In the same way we vet our talent before accepting them into our community, we vet every client before their project is ever presented to you.

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Do you work with a development or engineering organization? 

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Getting discovered

We know that all of your years of experience, refined skills, professional relationships and endorsements, and achievements cannot be conveyed in a single document.


We changed that.

Your profile

You shouldn't have to be a salesperson to get great gigs. 


Your profile is a resume for hackers. Sure, it highlights your key accomplishments and skills, but it also collects endorsements and reviews, allows you to introduce yourself via video, and leaves room for you to show off samples of elegant code. 


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You receive the rate you set for yourself. Period. client fees are added on top of your rate. You’ll never be asked to sacrifice your rate for our margins.

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