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Samantha John- FT #1 (2)



In this episode, we speak to Samantha John, Co-Founder and CEO of Hopscotch, about the amazing things kids can create when they have access to software tools, why coding isn't just for boys, and what landing an investment deal on Shark Tank is really like.

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Kate ONeil- ACAST
In this episode, we speak to Kate O'Neil, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Teaming, about key identifiers for a strong team, where most leaders get it wrong, and how Teaming is helping leaders improve engagement, communication, goal setting, and psychological safety for their team members.

Nick Gavronsky- ACAST
In this episode, we speak to Nick Gavronsky, CEO and Co-founder of Welcome, about the power of appreciating people in your product, the need for more transparency around compensation for employees, and how his team at Welcome is improving pay equity.

In this episode, we speak to Sam Lessin, co-founder and co-CEO of Fin, about his journey from the VP of Product Management at Facebook to coding boot camp, his "human in the loop" approach at Fin, and the dirty secret about all CEO's.

Eoghan McCabe- ACAST
In this episode, we speak to Eoghan McCabe, Chairman and Co-founder of Intercom about making your own space in the SaaS market, transitioning to a new leadership position after 10 years, and the excitement of wearing a lab coat.

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