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2018-2019 Season

01 - "What's Next In Blockchain"

featuring John Fitch from Animal Ventures


02 - "Dealing with Legacy Code"
featuring Debbie Madden and Jason Ables


03 - "Better Data, Better Products, Better Business"
featuring Kelly Stevens of OneSpace


04 - "The Technology of Politics"
featuring Josh Hendler of Purpose


05 - "API-As-A-Business"
featuring Christine Spang of Nylas


06 - "First Principles Thinking for Bitcoin Exchanges"

featuring Zach Dexter of LedgerX


07 - "Teach Your Engineers To Play Risk"

featuring Rahul Garg of Pypestream


08 - "Disrupting Healthcare"

featuring Chris Venturini


09 - "On-Prem vs Cloud Deployment"

featuring Roland Cooper


10 - "Remote Tech Teams: How to Make it Work"

featuring Laurel Farrer


11 - "Democratizing Blockchain Technologies"

featuring Joel Neidig


12 - "Service Discovery in a Microservices Architecture"

featuring Travis Scheponik


13 - "DevOps Automation, Orchestration, and Choreography"

featuring Steve Peak 


14 - "Interoperability via Machine-to-Machine Data Architecture"

featuring Jim Nasr


15 - "When to use Native or Hybrid & What's Next in Mobile App Dev"

featuring Simon Reggiani


16 - "Tips and Tricks to Career Hack your Soft Skills

featuring Rusty Wilson


17 - "Post-Crypto Distributed Ledger for Business Leaders"

featuring Mike Talbot


18 - "The Intersection of AI and Medicine"

featuring Robert Fratila


19 - "Building an Engineering Recruitment Process that Candidates Love"

featuring Alan Spadoni


20 - "Stuck in a Career Rut? Level Up Your Speaking Skills"

featuring Poornima Vijayashanker


21 - "QA just "moved left"... now what?"

featuring David Morgan


22 - "I'd like my mainframe with CI/CD, please"

featuring Tim Ceradsky


23 - "Startup life, stability, payroll, and change

featuring Mong Truong


24 - "Launching a tech startup inside of a legacy enterprise"

featuring Alex Behrens


25 BONUS EPISODE! - "Solving Customer Problems (The Ballad of the Sales Engineer)

featuring Chris Goodman


26 - "Delivering fast: people, process, and purpose

featuring Tom Dodds


27 - "Pragmatic Microservices Design - How to keep calm, and ship code

featuring Daniel Knight


28 - "Borrowing Innovation from Aerospace: an engineer's perspective

featuring Sina Golshany


29 - "Creating an engaging and authentic engineering practice"

featuring Kelsey Hightower


30 - "Customer discovery and early engineering feedback"

featuring Alex Nordholm


31 - "Engineering Meetings that Teams Love: Lessons from improv"

featuring Ushashi Chakraborty


32 - "Scaling an engineering team in a transformational industry"

featuring Steff Kelsey


33 - "CX from lead to user to evangelist"

featuring David Feinman


34 - "Creative influence with The Tech Ninja"

featuring Kevin Nether


35 - "Pigs, chemistry, startups, and CTO stories"

featuring Helton Souza


36 - "E-commerce innovations, metadata, and decision engines"

featuring Andrew Guldman


37 - "How to be an engineering Manager Voltron"

featuring Lara Hogan


38 - "Low config, open source, and the rising dev rel community"

featuring Jason Lengstorf


39 - "Neural networks in 500 lines or less; open source in one line" with Marina Samuel


40 - "Digital transformation, bleeding edge, and legacy tribal knowledge" with Nick Lumsden 

 41 - "How to scale DevOps, standards, and automation in a high-growth agency" with Tyler Sambora



42 - "How to be a developer advocate without being an Instagram model" with Burke Holland

43 - "Open Source, the grey areas, and keeping sharp with community" with Ahmad Nassri


44 - "Coordinating engineering teams to build a seamless user experience" with Ryan Burgess

I really appreciate the topics the Frontier covers because it directly relates to my day-to-day.  I've found a lot of value hearing the true to life stories and struggles from other members of the community.

Alex B. , Director of Engineering


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