Good Will Hunting In an Engineering Leadership Role

In this episode, we are joined by Scott Roe-Meschke, Director of Engineering at Blinker. Scott discusses the importance of cultivating trust and transparency for your team in an engineering leadership role.



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Scott Roe-Meschke | Blinker
Director of Engineering

Scott began his programming career modding video games and hacking video game consoles as a kid. He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in music, focused on jazz piano. After teaching music in public schools, and working with special-needs children, he moved back to coding, but this time with a real career in mind. His programming career began with Android development working in Java, and Kotlin. Over time he has shifted into more generalist skill-sets, including backend, DevOps, and front-end work. Most recently he's been growing his front-end knowledge and is enjoying writing lots of TypeScript. He currently leads a kick-ass team of engineers for Blinker.

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David "Ledge" Ledgerwood
Research, Insights | Podcast Host

Your host, Ledge, is a many-time founder, with deep experience in growing six-figure startups to 8-figure enterprises.


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