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Book a freelancer as a full-time member of your team.

Supercharge productivity with a full-time developer - on your team and working in less than a week.

Virtually eliminate the risk and overhead of a traditional hiring process.

Certified Talent

We've already screened, vetted and referenced-checked each developer on our platform. While you can certainly do that yourself, we've built a core-competency around the process and done it thousands of times.

No Mishire Risk

If you need different expertise or make a mishire, it’s back to square one. With Gun.io, we can plug in new talent within 48 hours. At no cost to you.

Higher ROI

Benefits, hiring time and overhead, GA costs, replacement costs and time. All of it is in play with an employee, none of it with Gun.io. Don’t pay a dime until you meet, choose, and start working with a Gun.io developer.



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- 9 years experience working with web-based technologies in Python.

- Developed a Python/Flask API to perform complex aggregations and present financial data through a REST API.

- Worked with AWS and has expert understanding of everything in the stack.

"Eric is an exceptional software engineer and leader. His work is of consistently high quality and he has very strong commercial awareness. Great fun to work with."

"Eric is a fantastic, fast, accurate dev. I've been very impressed with him and how he communicated with other people on staff."

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Like the idea of freelance but worried that it's too expensive?
Not so fast, friend. Take a look at the true cost of hiring someone in-house.

Apples-to-apples, freelance is more capital efficient than a fully-loaded in-house hire. 



    Full-Time Freelance In-House

Annual Salary



$179,000 - $268,500

(Hourly rate of $100-$150)

$118,000 - $212,000

(Average salary range of senior software engineers in U.S.)

Annual Benefits

(Average 33.2% of salary)




$38,940 - $69,960

Overhead Costs

(20% of salary in general and administrative costs)



$0 $23,600 - $42,400


(Average cost-per-hire)



$0 $4,129
Total   $179,000 - $268,500 $184,669 - $328,489


Data courtesy of PayScale, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and SHRM.




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High Performer- Winter 2020


"Gun.io helps allow us to scale up/down engineering resources quickly as our needs come. Having experts on call has been a tremendous help to us as we aren't stuck interviewing and waiting for talent, we can get the right people in no time at all."


- Chris N., Lead Engineer, Freelance Full Subscriber

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