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Gun.io is an exclusive platform for high-achieving software developers to find challenging work at great companies.


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The Gun.io Platform:

No more Linkedin recruiter spam. Gun.io vets each new opportunity before sharing it with you. The result is a client base of innovative companies with existing engineering teams, looking to hire long-term technology partners at competitive compensation.

Pays you on time, every time.

Gun.io gets you hired faster and retained longer by standardizing contract and employment terms, ensuring you're paid fairly and on time, and supporting you one-to-one during your freelance or salaried engagement.

Helps you compete on fit, not price.

Your Gun.io profile succinctly displays your qualifications and serves your standard application to all opportunities on the platform, allowing you to compete on the basis of fit, rather than rate.


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Who is Gun.io Best for?

Mid and Senior level developers who: 


1. Are fluent in English


2. Have expertise in popular, in-demand programming languages and frameworks


3. Have deep experience in remote work and significant experience in freelance roles


New roles posted every day.

We are actively recruiting for Python, PHP, React, iOS, Android, design, DevOps, and UI/UX open roles. 

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How It Works




1. Create your profile. Your profile showcases your professional attributes, and serves as your universal application on the platform. 


2. Apply for opportunities. share your profile with companies hiring on the platform. 


3. Get invited to interview. If a client chooses your profile for an interview, Gun.io will facilitate the meeting. 


4. Start working together. We handle contracts, billing, payments, and support, so you can get to work quickly. Our fees are included in the client's price, so you're paid your full rate, every time.


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A multimillion dollar digital growth agency has been working with a full stack developer on Gun.io for 7 months to manage their development needs end-to-end.


A cutting-edge insurance platform has been working with a team of Gun.io developers and designers for the last year to iterate on their existing product.


A social media company hired an iOS developer from Gun.io as a salaried employee, earning that developer 40% more than their previous role.

Gun.io has felt the most professional out of all other platforms, with a standout sense of community and culture.

Jason K.

Gun.io Developer

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