XY Planning Network founder Alan Moore had reached a milestone to which every entrepreneur aspires: he had a thriving, self-sustaining 7-figure per year business. His business was generating great cash flow, a great living, and provided him flexibility to get what he wanted out of the rest of his life.

However, like most entrepreneurs, he and his business partners were itching to find the next business, one which could leverage his previous business’s success, and move him slightly upwards along the risk-to-return curve. 

AdvicePay was born out of this noble, if not slightly crazy, ambition. 

To build AdvicePay, Alan sought out a variety of different agencies, development shops, and other platforms to accomplish this goal, but he felt that none took the time to understand his overall strategic vision.

At Gun.io, business strategy drives product strategy drives development strategy

Alan wanted to finance this second business out of his first business’s cash flow and force-rank his product development objectives around the features most critical to generating revenue. Alan’s sole priority was to get AdvicePay from concept to revenue-generating product in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of XY Planning Network’s capital at risk. 

Alan came into Gun.io with this high-level notion of what he wanted accomplished. Inside of one week, we built Alan his very own team of freelancers, with Matt Rosentrater, a financial technology & security expert from Colorado, leading the charge. Together, Matt & Alan made the decision to utilize Go, MongoDB, & jQuery as the core technologies for his platform: open source, easily supported, and appropriate for the task at hand. Afterwards, Gun.io rounded out the team and built Alan his very own 5-man department. 

6 months later

After 6 months and a little over 1,000 hours of development, Gun.io released the first version of AdvicePay in March, 2017.

Today, AdvicePay is a thriving business that has nearly paid back its initial product development investment. It is supported by its original freelance development team through a 50-hour per week retainer. 


Check out AdvicePay. If their story excites you, get in touch via email at team@gun.io, or use the button below to schedule a call with us.