You may think that an enterprise like CISCO would have enough development capacity to handle any project that makes it on the priority list. But like any growing business, when resources are tied up delivering great experiences for customers, even a buisness like CISCO might require external support for internal intitiatives. 

Ergon Copeland, CTO and Chief Architect of one of CISCO's key business units, did exactly that when he decided to focus on building an internal scheduling tool meant to signifcantly increase his current team's development speed and efficiency. When no off-the-shelf solutions immediately presented themselves, Ergon scheduled a phone call with one of our principals to better understand our methodologies and plan of attack, then quickly decided that a scalable team of freelance experts well-suited his planned product's needs. After a few days of knowledge transfer, team creation, and Sprint planning, the Gun Way began in earnest.

Building the MVP

The initial realease timeline was measured in weeks. But, after a few weeks of quick progress and continued evalutation with the team, Ergon decided to extend the deadline in order to ensure the inclusion of key features needed for the upcoming demo with CISCO's upper management team. 

The team continued to work in tandem with Ergon's guiding vision, making slight adjustments to functionality along the way as additional considerations came to light. Just weeks later, and in time for the demo, the team successfully delivered not only a to-spec MVP of the product, but extensive documentation on the architecture and existing functionality as well — allowing Ergon and his internal team to seamlessly implement the new tool within their own business unit upon completion.


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