To understand ThreatSwitch's story, we must begin with its founder & CEO, John Dillard. Prior to founding ThreatSwitch, John has had a storied and enviable career. Having served with the CIA, U.S. Navy, and several Fortune 500 companies, John helps leaders understand the threats to both their security and their business models.

John came to with an idea for software platform that helps companies achieve compliance with ever-changing vendor security regulations for the United States' government. 

From one of our competitors, to us

Initially, John had engaged one of our competitors and found a talented designer to spearhead the the design of his MVP (psst...the company's name starts with Top). 

Unfortunately, all said company provided was a body, not a guarantee of the result John was seeking: the development of a product to meet his business goals. 

Through some savvy Googling, John found us. Over a series of conversations, we built John’s freelance development team. Over a series of sprints, our bespoke freelance development team built the first version of ThreatSwitch. 

A direct pathway to revenue (and return on product investment)

  1. With's help, John launched ThreatSwitch's first version within eight months.
  2. Three months later, freelancers packaged and transitioned ThreatSwitch's product knowledge to ThreatSwitch's new, internal engineering team. 
  3.  Within a year, John bid and won a multi-7 figure deal with a Fortune 50 client.
  4. Afterwards, John secured a large round of external financing and begin scaling his business in earnest.


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