Freelance Hiring Solutions

Working with vetted freelance developers and designers has never been easier.



Work with a freelance developer or designer - without the risk and overhead.


When it’s time to hire a developer, let us do the work for you. You don’t pay a dime until you meet, select, and start working with a freelancer. We handle the vetting, matching, contracts, and payments, while you get to work. Supercharge productivity with a freelancer on your team and working in less than a week.


Engage an expert consultant.


A capital-efficient way to infuse expert talent into your business: engage them fractionally. Whether you’re an existing business exploring a new technology, or an entrepreneur seeking a technical co-founder, you can quickly and easily add industry-leading expertise to your team with


Find a technical manager you can depend on.


Every professional in our network has been fully vetted and reference checked - but hiring a manager requires another level of diligence. Hear from developers each candidate has managed previously to get a sense of their management style - plus endorsements from other colleagues and clients.



Bring on a team of freelancers.

We consult you on an efficient team structure for your product goals, and then assemble a remote team to cover those needs. Design, project management, architecture - we’ve got it covered. The best part: elastic teaming means you’re only paying for the skill you need, when you need it.

"After using, I now recommend to anyone searching for a developer to hire a freelancer before committing to a full-time engagement."

-Matt B., Founder, customer








Start Matching



One Freelancer


Team of Freelancers

Bring on a single developer, expert consultant, or fractional manager - full-or part-time.     Engage a team with complimentary skills: frontend, backend, project managers and designers, we’ll work with you to build your ideal team.



No matter which solution you choose, stays with you for the long haul, managing contracts, billing, payments, and future hiring needs.

Meet your match and get to work on terms that are right for you.

Meet Your Match

Flexible, pay-as-you-go options for every stage of your business.


Engage your match for up to full-time hours - scale up and down as needed.

For short-term projects


For ongoing work

Buy a simple block of hours with your developer to hit a short-term milestone or two (or three).   Bring on your freelancer as a member of your team, and book them for a predictable number of monthly hours.


"The Gun team is smart, personable, hard-working, and they deliver rock-solid results.

-Chris H., Founder, customer

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