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- Professional experience with React and GraphQL in production, heavy use of PHP and LAMP stack, moderate use of Ruby, MongoDB, and Backbone.js

- System administration involved Puppet (and Puppet Enterprise), Amazon AWS, Hudson (then Jenkins)

- Led team in transition to DevOps and the cloud

- Senior User Experience Engineer

- Produces award-winning independent feature films in his spare time

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It takes major commitment, professionalism, and technical chops to make it into the Gun.io Community. Trust us - you'll want access to those who do. 


To be considered for roles, all Gun.io engineers must pass: 


1 - Application qualifications screen


2 - Technical exam


3 - Live technical interview


4 - Reference endorsements


5 - Certification and onboarding

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High Performer- Winter 2020

"The Gun team is smart, personable, hard-working, and they deliver results.
We work collaboratively with them to find great engineers, and the end result is well designed, well built, and rock-solid."

- Christopher H., Founder

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