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Game changers innovating IoT technology provide resources on AI, VR, machine learning systems, and what's to come in this futuristic industry. 

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Drone Software


Drone Software and Beyond


Eric Hauser has spent his entire career working in software engineering. Beginning with stack development and ending up in management, Eric is currently the VP of Engineering for Drone Deploy, a San Francisco based startup that develops drone technology. Eric discusses Drone Deploy’s business model, and how the company focuses on developing drone software as opposed to drone hardware. With commercial drones becoming increasingly affordable, the focus has shifted to developing more advanced software for data collection purposes.


Smart Home Cloud Services


Better Smart Homes with Connected Cloud Services


When Kent Dickson founded Yonomi just over five years ago, smart devices were still an obscure concept. But the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant helped change that, and now Yonomi is playing a major role in crafting cloud-based solutions for the smart homes of the future. Yonomi's vision was to help make life in the new smart home technology environment more convenient for everyday people, who are not necessarily tech-oriented.


Multi-Cloud Strategy


Separating The Noise to Simplify Multi-Cloud Strategy


As companies move more and more workloads to the cloud, sometimes the number of new questions can seem to grow more quickly than the number of answers. Leon Thomas, CEO of Jelecos discusses their AWS services practice and using it as a lens into the changing world of cloud, secops, compliance, and more. Multi-cloud or not, the choice of tools continues to grow, with all the cultural and people implications you'd expect. Leon helps us separate the signal from the noise.


AI and Medicine


The Intersection of AI and Medicine


One of the most promising areas for artificial intelligence research rests at the intersection of biology and medicine. That's where we found Robert Fratila, CTO and Co-founder of Aifred Health. He and his team won an XPRIZE at the Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. He's worked on brain-state classifiers, computer vision packages for autonomous underwater vehicles, and predictive models for cancer patients, just to name a few. Robert discusses deep learning, neural networks, and hype-busting truths about the current limits of AI.


Wearable Devices


Pet Tech - Wearables for Healthy Best Friends


Electrical engineer, Fabrizio Filippini, has always had a strong passion for web, IoT, and sports. That got him into wearables, which led him to join as a co-founder of FitBark. Wearables for animals? No one thinks innately about health monitors for pets like they do for humans, with our Apples Watches, FitBits, and more. It turns out this is an important area of development because pets don’t communicate their conditions through their behaviors the same way humans do. Fabrizio walks us through this novel look at the wearables you might never have thought about.




The Power of SLAM Applied to VR


Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) is possibly one of the biggest trends in technology right now, since AR and VR are rising to the top and every big tech company is trying to insert their products in the market. Let's try to break down what SLAM is and how it could be the biggest revolution in games, apps and many others.


Machine Learning System


Machine Learning System Insights with an AI Pioneer


AI pioneer, Sandra Carrico, discusses the early days of AI, the early 80s AI winter, and the dawn of computational linguistics. Now, Sandra is the VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist at where she works daily with the company’s ML systems to refine the patented algorithms she invented to extract data from documents such as utility bills, insurance claims and medical records with better-than-human accuracy.


Future of AI


The Future of AI and Machine Intelligence


Oren Boiman is a 20-year veteran of software engineering, and Founder of the Bay Area-based company Magisto. Oren has reached 100 million users over the last decade by being a visionary in his field. He has a deep understanding of the importance of AI well ahead of the curve. Magisto is a pioneering video editing app, which employs AI to assist with the editing process. Oren covers the future direction of AI and user interfaces.


Sensor Technology


The Global Future of Sensor Technology on The Smart Edge


CEO and President Becky Oh started her career as an Apple chip designer and quickly realized she wanted a bigger view of how her products played into the broader business. She took a role in Field Application Engineering and thus began her journey into business development, which she continued to advance until joining PNI Corporation when the now-global sensor company was in its startup phase. PNI has advanced its position under Becky’s leadership into a global player in the smart edge and IoT sectors.


Digital Environments


Digital Environments: Smart Homes and Smart Buildings


Ben Wiliams, Technical Director at SAV Digital Environments discusses the challenges of building future-resistant control systems and keeping them up and running under any circumstances. Ben gives some insights into the next big thing in the software side of custom integration and smart buildings, as well as lessons learned from managing hardware engineering teams.


AI Ethics


AI for everyone, AI ethics, and problem solving


Yoav Rubin is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft working on Azure AI. Previous to that he was a Research Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM Research.  Yoav discusses how AI, like other technologies, is being democratized through services like Azure AI such that any developer can take advantage of them. The Azure AI environment allows devs to design experiments, develop them, and move the domain of AI from specialized experts to everyone.


Enterprise AI


Enterprise AI-Powered Superheroes, aka “The Humans in the Loop”


David “Gonzo” Gonzalez is the CEO and Co-founder of, deep learning as a service platform. Ziff’s goal: Reduce the complexity required to profit from AI in an enterprise setting. Gonzo discusses how to answer the question, “How do I know as a business person if my business model can be enhanced as an AI?” It comes down to prediction, forecasting, and two areas where the profits really lie: automation and augmentation. In other words, find opportunities to help the “humans in the loop” be faster and more accurate, and you’ll win.


Machine Learning in Healthcare


Interoperability via Machine-to-Machine Data Architecture


Jim Nasr is Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Synchrogenix where he spearheads strategy and implementation of emerging technologies such as large scale blockchain and machine learning in healthcare and life sciences.  Jim walks us through the critical requirements of data interoperability and how designing for a machine to machine data transfer is the most critical of architectural decisions.


On-Prem vs Cloud


On-Prem vs. Cloud Deployments


Roland Cooper is a 10-year technical operation and infrastructure expert with broad experience in fintech, e-commerce, and B2C. Roland discusses the tensions between on-prem and cloud deployment on the bleeding edge of software development. Roland walks us through the current thinking around PCI compliance regulations, guidelines, and interpretations of critical importance to any companies collecting and processing payment card transactions.


AI Handwriting


AI Handwriting Capture


David Shewfelt, Director of Integration Services at Vidado, joins Ledge in this episode to discuss the intelligent automation tech in capturing human handwriting.


Cloud Platfroms


Killer UX, and No-Code Cloud Platforms


Mike Duensing, the Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Skuid, joins Ledge to discuss how Skuid is building a no-code cloud platform for powerful custom web and mobile applications with a killer UX, up to 90% faster.


AI Powered Consumer Insights


Game-Changing AI Powered Consumer Insights


John Dubois is the co-founder of Oculus360, joins Ledge on this episode of the pod to discuss the AI space, and how Oculus 360 is using AI to change the game on generating consumer insights for brands.